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Global Export Import Market Intelligence

DateHS CodeDescriptionCountry of OriginPort of DestinationValue In INRValue In USDQTYUnitUnit Rate In INRShip Mode
2015-01-3185441990SWG28 ENAMELLED ALUMINIUM WIRE 0.376MMCHINADelhi TKD ICD357159.155732.891999.190KGS178.65Sea
2015-01-3185441990SWG32 ENAMELLED ALUMINIUM WIRE 0.274MMCHINADelhi TKD ICD1073364.0117228.966008.130KGS178.65Sea
2015-01-3195030030750AB DOLL (PLASTIC TOYS)CHINADelhi TKD ICD52686.37845.699000.000PCS5.85Sea
2015-01-3195030030750AC DOLL (PLASTIC TOYS)CHINADelhi TKD ICD84298.191353.104800.000PCS17.56Sea
2015-01-3175021000NICKEL CATHODEJAPANDelhi TKD ICD5744240.6792202.906000.000KGS957.37Sea
2015-01-3039269099FOOD SAVER SET ( RK-251 )CHINADelhi TKD ICD4996.6680.20500.000SET9.99Sea
2015-01-3039269099FOOD SAVER SET ( RK-252 )CHINADelhi TKD ICD6662.21106.94500.000SET13.32Sea
2015-01-3085414090LED 3MMCHINADelhi TKD ICD35352.80567.46580000.000PCS0.06Sea
2015-01-3073181190SCREWCHINADelhi TKD ICD7739.50124.2350000.000PCS0.15Sea
2015-01-3048191010BOX FOR PACKINGCHINADelhi TKD ICD3947.1563.361000.000PCS3.95Sea
2015-01-3094051090JB600/2 WALL LIGHT (LIGHTING FIXTURE)CHINADelhi TKD ICD6413.99102.9524.000PCS267.25Sea
2015-01-3094051090JK181/1 WALL LIGHT (LIGHTING FIXTURE)CHINADelhi TKD ICD5772.5992.6636.000PCS160.35Sea
2015-01-3094051090LED DRIVER (LIGHTING FIXTURE)CHINADelhi TKD ICD641.4010.3030.000PCS21.38Sea
2015-01-3094051090LED DRIVER (LIGHTING FIXTURE)CHINADelhi TKD ICD962.1015.4460.000PCS16.04Sea
2015-01-2985167990SMALL FACE STEMER (UNBRANDED)CHINADelhi TKD ICD1925703.9430910.186492.000PCS296.63Sea
2015-01-2939269099CARD HOLDERCHINADelhi TKD ICD41577.53667.388500.000PCS4.89Sea
2015-01-2984254900BOTTLE JACK 10TCHINADelhi TKD ICD86825.631393.67800.000PCS108.53Sea
2015-01-2919049000GERBER CEREAL 6 X 8 OZUNITED STATESDelhi TKD ICD58025.45931.39297.000CTN195.37Sea
2014-12-2948021010PRINTING PAPER 100 GSMINDONESIADelhi TKD ICD1173025.1818371.5817.324MTS67712.94Sea
2014-12-297315110012B-1-160L CHAIN ( INDL ROLLER CHAIN 10 FEET)CHINADelhi TKD ICD352107.215514.601560.000PCS225.71Sea
2014-12-297315110008B-1-4000L CHAIN ( INDL ROLLER CHAIN 166.7 FEET)CHINADelhi TKD ICD38048.22595.9020.000PCS1902.41Sea
2014-12-297315110012B-1 OL OFF SET LINK FOR INDL. ROLLER CHAIN 3/4"CHINADelhi TKD ICD18056.78282.807000.000PCS2.58Sea
2014-12-297315110032B-1 CL CONNECTING LINK FOR INDL. ROLLER CHAIN 2"CHINADelhi TKD ICD3611.3656.56100.000PCS36.11Sea
2014-12-297315110008B-1 OL OFF SET LINK FOR INDL. ROLLER CHAIN 1/2"CHINADelhi TKD ICD5803.9790.906000.000PCS0.97Sea
2014-12-297315110008B-2 OL OFF SET LINK FOR INDL. ROLLER CHAIN 1/2"CHINADelhi TKD ICD6771.29106.053500.000PCS1.93Sea
2014-12-2996170019VACCUM FLASK XYD-800LCHINADelhi TKD ICD200803.153144.921500.000PCS133.87Sea
2014-12-2996170019VACCUM FLASK XYD-1200NCHINADelhi TKD ICD248995.913899.701500.000PCS166.00Sea
2014-12-2996170019VACCUM FLASK CLB-500CHINADelhi TKD ICD134016.022098.921410.000PCS95.05Sea
2014-12-2973242900SHOWERS.SCHINADelhi TKD ICD258154.824043.1510500.000PCS24.59Sea
2014-11-27 39252000 W750 FRAME PROF.WHITE WITH SEAL TURKEY Delhi TKD ICD 308319.39 4925.23 2592 MTS 118.95 Sea
2014-11-27 39252000 W750 SASH PROF.WHITE WITH SEAL TURKEY Delhi TKD ICD 53527.67 855.07 360 MTS 148.69 Sea
2014-11-27 39252000 SHUTTER MULLION TURKEY Delhi TKD ICD 9471.19 151.30 108 MTS 87.70 Sea
2014-11-27 39252000 SHUTTER BLADE TURKEY Delhi TKD ICD 153283.79 2448.62 8100 MTS 18.92 Sea
2014-11-27 39252000 PANEL PROFILE (100X20) TURKEY Delhi TKD ICD 6817.36 108.90 144 MTS 47.34 Sea
2014-11-27 95030090 PLASTIC TOY BIRD (CQCS2010R0860) CHINA Delhi TKD ICD 23938.12 382.40 360 PCS 66.49 Sea
2014-11-27 95030090 PLASTIC TOY BUBBLE (JZ110705007E) CHINA Delhi TKD ICD 7979.37 127.47 1200 PCS 6.65 Sea
2014-11-27 95030090 PLASTIC TOY TRAIN (SZTY1112067084LP) CHINA Delhi TKD ICD 13963.90 223.07 120 PCS 116.37 Sea
2014-11-27 41051000 WET BLUE SHEEP SKINS, GRADE R.R. SAUDI ARABIA Delhi TKD ICD 4653180.87 74331.96 1500 DOZ 3102.12 Sea
2014-11-27 41041900 WET BLUE COW HIDES, GRADE R.R. SAUDI ARABIA Delhi TKD ICD 710902.63 11356.27 12500 DOZ 56.87 Sea
2014-11-27 65020090 LADIES CAP (UNBRANDED) CHINA Delhi TKD ICD 73042.60 1166.81 1653 DOZ 44.19 Sea
2014-11-27 95030030 PULL LINE ELEPHANT (9919) (PLASTIC TOYS) CHINA Delhi TKD ICD 19893.43 317.79 2400 PCS 8.29 Sea
2014-11-26 85051900 FERRITE RING MAGNET 90X36X17MM CHINA Delhi TKD ICD 273997.89 4376.96 16107 PCS 17.01 Sea
2014-11-26 84149090 AIR PUMP (2065DZF) CHINA Delhi TKD ICD 64692.20 1033.42 50 PCS 1293.84 Sea
2014-11-26 84149090 AIR PUMP (2090DZF) CHINA Delhi TKD ICD 30643.67 489.52 15 PCS 2042.91 Sea
2014-11-26 40012100 NATURAL RUBBER RSS3 VIETNAM Delhi TKD ICD 2050623.20 32757.56 20000 KGS 102.53 Sea
2014-11-26 76071999 PLAIN ALUMINIUM FOIL 9 MIC X 710 MM CHINA Delhi TKD ICD 131634.51 2102.79 641 KGS 205.36 Sea
2014-11-26 76071999 PLAIN ALUMINIUM FOIL 9 MIC X 890 MM CHINA Delhi TKD ICD 177429.35 2834.33 864 KGS 205.36 Sea
2014-11-26 39269099 PINGPONG FOR SHOES (SHOES ACC.) CHINA Delhi TKD ICD 59289.28 947.11 600 PRS 98.82 Sea
2014-11-26 48239090 INSOLE SHEET FOR SHOES MATERIAL CHINA Delhi TKD ICD 111167.41 1775.84 2000 PRS 55.58 Sea
2014-10-30 87089900 ELECTRICAL DRIVE (PART FOR E-RIKSHWA) CHINA Delhi TKD ICD 249973.46 4028.58 55 PCS 4544.97 Sea
2014-10-30 87089900 REAR WHEEL DRIVE (PART FOR E-RIKSHWA) CHINA Delhi TKD ICD 156233.41 2517.86 55 PCS 2840.61 Sea
2014-10-30 85072000 SEALED LEAD ACID BATTERY LC-P12100NA 12V 100AH CHINA Delhi TKD ICD 2191612.45 35320.10 360 PCS 6087.81 Sea
2014-10-30 85072000 SEALED LEAD ACID BATTERY LC-P1265NA 12V 65AH CHINA Delhi TKD ICD 1120127.40 18052.01 288 PCS 3889.33 Sea
2014-10-30 25252090 MICA POWDER ( 01X0058)USE FOR BRAKE PAD CANADA Delhi TKD ICD 531195.03 8560.76 17600 LBS 30.18 Sea
2014-10-30 85299090 RAW SUPPORT BLACK CHINA Delhi TKD ICD 17079.67 275.26 750 PCS 22.77 Sea
2014-10-30 39264099 PACKING BAG CHINA Delhi TKD ICD 569.32 9.18 750 PCS 0.76 Sea
2014-10-30 25070029 D-1 CLAY KAOLIN (RAW MATERIAL FOR CERAMIC TILES INDUSRIES) BULGARIA Delhi TKD ICD 579590.51 9340.70 66 MTS 8781.67 Sea
2014-10-30 39199020 ADHESIVE SHEET IN ROLLS CHINA Delhi TKD ICD 1330018.42 21434.62 18.200 MTS 73077.94 Sea
2014-10-30 39071000 POLYACETAL RESIN DURACON (R) M90-44 CF2001 NATURAL MALAYSIA Delhi TKD ICD 1430140.81 23048.20 16 MTS 89383.80 Sea
2014-10-30 91139090 BAND ONLY (WATCH PARTS) CHINA Delhi TKD ICD 20456.06 329.67 25329 PCS 0.81 Sea
2014-06-3039095000SF 2930 PU RESINSINGAPOREDelhi TKD ICD2602189.3143046.9713,800.000KGS188.56Sea
2014-06-3076071910ALUMINIUM FIN STOCK 0.120 MM X 538MMMALAYSIADelhi TKD ICD2792087.8046188.3816,559.000KGS168.61Sea
2014-06-3085166000RICE COOKER IKRCF-3.6LCHINADelhi TKD ICD407.786.751.000PCS407.78Sea
2014-06-3073239990SCRUBBER(410)CHINADelhi TKD ICD1668461.0527600.6811,728.500KGS142.26Sea
2014-06-3053061090100% FLAX YARNCHINADelhi TKD ICD2318146.5638348.167,344.000KGS315.65Sea
2014-06-3048119099STOCKLOT OF ADHESIVE PAPER IN MIXED SIZES & GSMUNITED STATESDelhi TKD ICD415679.906876.4319.236MTS21609.48Sea
2014-06-3048101990PRINTING PAPER 170 GSMAUSTRIADelhi TKD ICD1507089.1224931.1731.445MTS47927.78Sea
2014-06-3028365000CALCIUM CARBONATE 75T-IPMALAYSIADelhi TKD ICD241914.904001.9023.000MTS10518.04Sea
2014-06-3068053000SCOURING PAD (ITEM NO: 208-PA) (10PCS/PACKS)THAILANDDelhi TKD ICD1524.3325.222.000PAC762.17Sea
2014-06-3039205119STOCKLOT OF PLASTIC ROLLS IN MIX SIZES AND MIX GSM.UNITED STATESDelhi TKD ICD988811.8216357.5218.680MTS52934.25Sea
2014-05-1685122010TAIL LAMP LHSUITABLE FOR ACCORD T-4CHINADelhi TKD ICD3392.7456.4518.000PCS188.49Sea
2014-05-1685122010TAIL LAMP LHSUITABLE FOR HONDA T-1CHINADelhi TKD ICD1891.0831.4720.000PCS94.55Sea
2014-05-1684149040F3MC9H02-01-00, 25B-TIP BLADE COVER [PARTS OF INDUSTRIAL FAN]SINGAPOREDelhi TKD ICD4326.0771.98100.000PCS43.26Sea
2014-05-1639042110PVC RESIN SUSPENSION GRADE H-66TAIWANDelhi TKD ICD15985042.41265974.08254.995MTS62687.67Sea
2014-05-1639019090POLYETHYLENE RESIN ELITE 5400GTHAILANDDelhi TKD ICD2677132.2644544.6324.750MTS108166.96Sea
2014-05-1639199010SMALL STICKERCHINADelhi TKD ICD16791.77279.4030,000.000PCS0.56Sea
2014-05-1639189090PVC DOOR MAT(38X60CM)CHINADelhi TKD ICD330066.745491.9615,246.000PCS21.65Sea
2014-05-1639189090PVC DOOR MAT(45X75CM)CHINADelhi TKD ICD201845.183358.495,950.000PCS33.92Sea
2014-05-1639042210PVC RESIN PASTE / EMULSION GRADEMEXICODelhi TKD ICD3656780.7560844.9450,000.000KGS73.14Sea
2014-05-1639033000STAREX ABS RESIN ( TX-0510T )Korea, Republic ofDelhi TKD ICD418449.426962.552,389.000KGS175.16Sea
2014-04-0794033090AFBAL4V, BALLET TRAY D.50CMITALYDelhi TKD ICD10171.84168.271.000PCS10171.84Sea
2014-04-0739269099AFPOU2, POUF WITHOUT CHAINITALYDelhi TKD ICD24201.48400.361.000PCS24201.48Sea
2014-04-0764021290LADIES SLIPPERCHINADelhi TKD ICD2095667.6734667.7944,020PRS47.61Sea
2014-04-0763109040OLD ORIGINAL COMPLETELY PREMUTILATED RAGSMOROCCODelhi TKD ICD525180.788687.8525,989KGS20.21Sea
2014-04-0764021290CHILD SLIPPERCHINADelhi TKD ICD153533.132539.841,720PRS89.26Sea
2014-04-0785366990SOCKET - 0427 1276 (MAKE BALS)( FOR INDL USE)GERMANYDelhi TKD ICD5082.2684.0725.000PCS203.29Sea
2014-04-0773211290SURYA-ALIZA GAS STOVECHINADelhi TKD ICD25219.05417.1960.000PCS420.32Sea
2014-04-0728046900SILICON METALCHINADelhi TKD ICD3648616.9260357.6024.000MTS152025.71Sea
2014-04-0765069900BABY EAR MUFFUNITED ARAB EMIRATESDelhi TKD ICD381561.626312.023,280GRS116.33Sea
2014-04-0782075000HAMMER DRILL BIT TE-YX 32/57SWITZERLANDDelhi TKD ICD41837.63692.1015.000PCS2789.18Sea
2014-04-0796063090IRON SNAP BUTTONS (VT5- AB PLAIN)TAIWANDelhi TKD ICD62580.861035.255,000GRS12.52Sea
2014-04-0795030030HB353-5 TOP (PLASTIC TOYS)CHINADelhi TKD ICD17485.15289.251,200PCS14.57Sea
2014-04-07950300308819 TOYS (PLASTIC TOYS)CHINADelhi TKD ICD78683.191301.621,080PCS72.85Sea
2014-04-0782075000HAMMER DRILL BIT TE-YX 32/37SWITZERLANDDelhi TKD ICD12891.59213.265.000PCS2578.32Sea
2014-04-0796063090IRON SNAP BUTTONS (VT2- AB PLAIN)TAIWANDelhi TKD ICD155688.972575.5015,000GRS10.38Sea
2014-03-0139269099PLASTIC PHOTO FRAMECHINADelhi TKD ICD4959.2078.7820.66PCS240.00Sea
2014-03-0184149090RANGE HOOD SPARE PARTSCHINADelhi TKD ICD1112.7917.68556.40CTN2.000Sea
2014-03-0139269099PLASTIC PHOTO FRAMECHINADelhi TKD ICD4959.2078.7820.66PCS240.00Sea
2014-02-2871179090NL2486 LADIES NECKLACE 100%PlasticCHINADelhi TKD ICD54170.51860.53202.89PCS267.00Sea
2014-02-2839095000POLYURETHANE SYSTEM FOR FOOTWEAR (POLYOL EXTER C1 E20)SINGAPOREDelhi TKD ICD1435685.0622806.75163.15KGS8,800Sea
2014-02-26 95030090 BUBBLE TOY (TEST REPORT NO. WJ1001781) CHINA Delhi TKD ICD 25100.5 398.74 960 PCS 26.15 Sea
2014-02-26 27131200 D44 PETROLEUM COKE (01X0397) UNITED KINGDOM Delhi TKD ICD 603315.42 9584.04 10000 KGS 60.33 Sea
2014-02-26 64021990 EVA KIDS SLIPPER (ITEM NO. EVA613) SIZE 18-23 CHINA Delhi TKD ICD 89647.1 1424.1 3000 PRS 29.88 Sea
2014-02-26 39095000 SF-2930 (POLYURETHANE RESIN SOLUTION)(230KG X 60DRM=13800KG) SINGAPORE Delhi TKD ICD 2701016.97 42907.34 13800 KGS 195.73 Sea
2014-02-26 29173920 PLASTICIZER (DOP) Korea, Democratic People's Republic of Delhi TKD ICD 7016442.88 111460.6 67912 KGS 103.32 Sea
2014-02-26 94042990 1-S VINTAGE FIRM/80-0/MATT./183X198CM- IN (MATTRESS) THAILAND Delhi TKD ICD 22106.33 351.17 2 PCS 11053.17 Sea
2014-02-26 39199010 WIRING DIAGAR 103Z ZA/1PH GERMANY Delhi TKD ICD 50.11 0.8 10 PCS 5.01 Sea
2014-02-26 64039990 GENTS SANDAL (CLT-1505) VIETNAM Delhi TKD ICD 799328.21 12697.83 2400 PRS 333.05 Sea
2014-02-26 60063200 TRICOT KNITTED MESH FABRIC (WIDTH 44") (USED IN SHOES INDUSTRIES) Korea, Republic of Delhi TKD ICD 106418.52 1690.52 220.2 KGS 483.28 Sea
2014-02-26 34039900 ETHYLENE BIS STEARMIDE HI LUBE(EBS 300P) Korea, Republic of Delhi TKD ICD 1382084 21955.27 11000 KGS 125.64 Sea
2014-01-0829171200ADIPIC ACIDUNITED STATESDelhi TKD ICD8312502.00133320.0080MTS103906.28Sea
2014-01-0838249024CORRECTION PENCHINADelhi TKD ICD208109.353337.761,425GRS146.04Sea
2014-01-0885182900SPEAKER MODEL NO.L15LF-500 15"THAILANDDelhi TKD ICD1048595.6216817.89220PCS4766.34Sea
2014-01-0829173920DIOCTYL PHTHALATE (DOP)Korea, Republic ofDelhi TKD ICD4295830.9868898.6542MTS102281.69Sea
2014-01-0885098000MEAT MINCERCHINADelhi TKD ICD4198.6167.345PCS839.72Sea
2014-01-0729173920DI-OCTYL PHTHALATE (DOP)Korea, Republic ofDelhi TKD ICD4957273.9279507.2048MTS103276.54Sea
2014-01-0785164000STEAM IRON ASPIRE BLUE 1250WCHINADelhi TKD ICD936345.9115017.582,200PCS425.61Sea
2014-01-0738123090LANE CLEANER (5 GALLONS BOX)CHINADelhi TKD ICD85706.751374.6150BOX1714.14Sea
2014-01-0785049010LAMINATION (PARTS FOR TRANSFORMER)SINGAPOREDelhi TKD ICD3219205.3251631.2048,000KGS67.07Sea
2014-01-0729054500GLYCERINE TECHSWEDENDelhi TKD ICD798787.3612811.3422,060KGS36.21Sea
2013-11-0829270010BLOWING AGENT,UNICELL-D330 (CAPTIVE CONSUMPTION)IndonesiaDelhi TKD ICD2299285.2036438.7512,000KGS191.61Sea
2013-11-0829173990TRI- OCTYL TRIMELLITATE ( TOTM )TaiwanDelhi TKD ICD1465009.0423217.2611.000MTS133182.64Sea
2013-11-0829173990DI-(2-PROPYL HEPTYL) PHTHALATE (DPHP)TaiwanDelhi TKD ICD571680.209059.915.000MTS114336.04Sea
2013-11-0829161290ETERMER 223 (TPGDA) TRIPROPYLENE GLYCOL DIACRYLATE)TaiwanDelhi TKD ICD1130796.0017920.706,000KGS188.47Sea
2013-11-0829161290ETERMER 231(TMPTA) TRIMETHYLOLPROPANE TRIACRYLATETaiwanDelhi TKD ICD989446.5015680.615,000KGS197.89Sea
2013-11-0829161290ETERCURE 6420 (TRIPPROPLENE GYLCOL DIACRYLATE)TaiwanDelhi TKD ICD223018.103534.361,000KGS223.02Sea
2013-11-0829222913PARA AMINO PHENOLChinaDelhi TKD ICD7580542.27120135.3836.000MTS210570.62Sea
2013-11-0829291010ISOCYANATE URECOM T400 (POLYURETHANE SYSTEM FOR FOOTWEAR)(230 KGS)SingaporeDelhi TKD ICD9309799.74147540.4155,200KGS168.66Sea
2013-11-0829291010ISOCYANATE URECOM T400 (POLYURETHANE SYSTEM FOR FOOTWEAR)(230 KGS)SingaporeDelhi TKD ICD3103266.5849180.1418,400KGS168.66Sea
2013-11-0829291010ISOCYANATE URECOM T202C (230KG) (RAW MATERIAL FOR MANUFACTURING FOOTWEAR)SingaporeDelhi TKD ICD1175775.3618633.526,900KGS170.40Sea
2013-10-0784689000FLAME TORCHChinaDelhi TKD ICD299794.394792.888,000PCS37.47Sea
2013-10-0784142010BICYCLE MINI PUMPChinaDelhi TKD ICD730696.7911681.8035,430PCS20.62Sea
2013-10-0719059090DIPLOMATIC CARGO MIXED GROCERYUnited StatesDelhi TKD ICD2340497.7037418.031.000NOS2340497.70Sea
2013-10-0519023090AGNESI PASTA ASSORTED (24X500GMS/PKT)ItalyDelhi TKD ICD1211836.7419373.893,192CTN379.65Sea
2013-10-0519023090AGNESI PASTA ASSORTED (24X250GMS/PKT)ItalyDelhi TKD ICD5027.0680.3724.000CTN209.46Sea
2013-10-0584539090HEATING RELAY(PARTS)ChinaDelhi TKD ICD32.220.521.000PCS32.22Sea
2013-10-0584539090SMALL BUTTON (PARTS)ChinaDelhi TKD ICD0.640.011.000PCS0.64Sea
2013-10-0485169000CONTROL PCB SPARE PART FOR INDUCTION COOKERChinaDelhi TKD ICD5017.5580.22770.000SET6.52Sea
2013-10-0485169000PCB SPARE PART FOR INDUCTION COOKERChinaDelhi TKD ICD37631.59601.62770.000SET48.87Sea
2013-10-0429054500REFINED GLYCERINE 99.5 PCT (NOT FOR MEDICINAL USE)IndonesiaDelhi TKD ICD5676781.6090755.90100.110MTS56705.44Sea
2004-09-186911101916 Pcs Tea Set Model Jh/Kea (Ceramic)ChinaDelhi Tkd Icd835.8817.975916SET52.2425Sea
2004-09-1769081090330x600 Ceramic Tiles (Non Porcelain & Non Vitrified)ChinaDelhi Tkd Icd14909.3320.6396PCS155.305Sea
2004-09-1732099010Paint At835-9000(Top Coat)Korea, republic OfDelhi Tkd Icd1921814132.921860LTR103.323Sea
2004-09-1669089090Ceramic Tiles Border TilesSpainDelhi Tkd Icd12650.9272.06236.24SQM349.086Sea
2004-09-1569081090Glossy White (Ceramic Tiles )IndonesiaDelhi Tkd Icd71192.21531.02343.2SQM207.437Sea
2004-09-1569089090Listelo Urban Bronce(5x33) , Ceramic TilesSpainDelhi Tkd Icd22647.1487.035216PCS104.848Sea
2004-09-1585441110S.Sold.Enamel.Copper Wire (R.Mat.For Manuf.Of Def.Parts(Fbt)SingaporeDelhi Tkd Icd91718.11972.4399.63KGS920.587Sea
2004-09-1469089090Sanida Sfendamos 502x502 Ceramic TilesSpainDelhi Tkd Icd52593.61131.05145.92SQM360.428Sea
2004-09-1469081090Ceramic Glazed Tiles 330 X 600 Mm (Non Porcelain & Non Vitrified )ChinaDelhi Tkd Icd3094246654.271495.3SQM206.931Sea
2004-09-1385322990C Ceramic Mic-axial (Capacitor)Korea, democratic People's Republic OfDelhi Tkd Icd17358.3373.29684000NOS0.206646Sea
2004-09-13690890901-y61181 330x600 Ceramic TilesChinaDelhi Tkd Icd527971135.42256.66SQM205.708Sea
2004-04-2495039010Funny ToyChinaDelhi Tkd Icd5788.44128.77530DOZ192.948Sea
2004-04-23950349906licb0078 ToyItalyDelhi Tkd Icd56622.51259.68216PCS262.141Sea
2004-04-2095039020Plastic Water ToyChinaDelhi Tkd Icd7845.03174.52872DOZ108.959Sea
2004-04-1932100090Lacquer (Paint)Korea, democratic People's Republic OfDelhi Tkd Icd94734721075.69600KGS98.682Sea
2004-04-1969120010Ceramic Table Lamp SmallChinaDelhi Tkd Icd5784.69128.69284PCS68.8654Sea
2004-04-1769139000S/3 Rect Dish (10514) (Ceramic Ware)Hong KongDelhi Tkd Icd17792.3395.824300SET59.3077Sea
2004-04-1784719000Card Manage SoftwareChinaDelhi Tkd Icd001PCS0Sea
2004-04-1769089090Tu3060 # 07# Ceramic TilesChinaDelhi Tkd Icd27920.7621.15750PCS37.2276Sea
2004-04-1569089010Sabas Bge List Naba (Ceramic Tiles)SpainDelhi Tkd Icd6792.37151.109104PCS65.3112Sea
2004-04-1569010010Polished Floor Tiles (Ceramic Tiles)size 600 X600 Mm 419 CtnsChinaDelhi Tkd Icd1171862607.03603.4SQM194.209Sea
2004-04-1569120090Ceramic Photo Frame 3.5"x5"ChinaDelhi Tkd Icd2862216367.5422410PCS12.772Sea
2004-04-1295010010Toy CarChinaDelhi Tkd Icd1489.8733.14511PCS1489.87Sea
2004-04-12691200905 Pc Tea Set With Wood Tray (Ceramic Ware)ChinaDelhi Tkd Icd14452.5321.525200SET72.2627Sea
2004-04-0872109090Enamel Steel Coil White With Protection FoilBelgiumDelhi Tkd Icd2504865572.55396SQM632.54Sea
2004-04-08691490000381 Vase Red Half Glaze (Ceramic Vases)ChinaDelhi Tkd Icd888.9219.77582NOS444.46Sea
2004-04-08691490007850-6 Ceramic ItemChinaDelhi Tkd Icd2292.350.996712DOZ191.025Sea
2004-04-08950662902603-6 Toy Small BallChinaDelhi Tkd Icd3087.2168.681167DOZ18.4863Sea
2004-04-0869089010Ft Sahara Sandstone 18x18 Pre(Glazed Ceramic Tiles)ThailandDelhi Tkd Icd42844.9953.169240SQM178.521Sea
2004-04-0895039020Toy Mini BikeChinaDelhi Tkd Icd3266.1772.66231NOS3266.17Sea
2004-04-0632099010Paint Sh 41 B3JapanDelhi Tkd Icd2744556105.7899KGS2772.27Sea
2004-04-06691200905" Vase (Assorted Ceramic Vase)ChinaDelhi Tkd Icd22180.2493.4412484PCS8.92922Sea
2004-04-0669089090Ceramic Tiles (10x10)ItalyDelhi Tkd Icd32517.9723.42392.4SQM351.925Sea
2004-04-2695034990Children ToyChinaDelhi Tkd Icd4736.13105.3648640PCS0.548163Sea
2004-01-0569149000Ceramic Statue-smalldecorative Pcs.ChinaDelhi Tkd Icd1495.2732.68358PCS186.909Sea
2004-01-086908909095a2e8 100x100 Spagna Glazed Ceramic TilesItalyDelhi Tkd Icd41403.9905.00297.92SQM422.834Sea
2004-01-0869081090Ceramic Tiles Assorted 16 PatettersKuwaitDelhi Tkd Icd4425439673.0716PCS27658.9Sea
2004-01-1469139000Ceramic Show PiecesChinaDelhi Tkd Icd35324.9772.13988DOZ35.754Sea
2004-01-1469089010Ceramic Tiles Calacatta Crema 34x56ItalyDelhi Tkd Icd77513916942.91035.01SQM748.919Sea
2004-01-1769120030Ceramic Bath SetChinaDelhi Tkd Icd6092.61133.172108SET56.4131Sea
2004-01-2295039010Sample Of Assorted ToyChinaDelhi Tkd Icd937.8820.50011CTN937.88Sea
2004-01-2384522900Model Hfj 26 B (Computerized Quilting Machine (With Thkjapanese Shafts And Pattern Design Software )ChinaDelhi Tkd Icd693113151501SET693113Sea
2004-01-2769149000Vas Botol Rajut 100 80cm,60cm Vase In Ceramic Set Of 3 )IndonesiaDelhi Tkd Icd9505.09207.7623SET3168.36Sea
2004-02-1295037010Plastic ToyUnited Arab EmiratesDelhi Tkd Icd1163.0825.5341100PAC11.6308Sea
2004-02-1269120090Ceramic Money BankUnited Arab EmiratesDelhi Tkd Icd418.719.192322DOZ209.355Sea
2004-02-1269089090Ceramic TilesChinaDelhi Tkd Icd1331352922.84522CTN255.049Sea
2004-02-1273239200Enamel Paint Donga SetUnited Arab EmiratesDelhi Tkd Icd837.4218.38466SET139.57Sea

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