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    DateHS CodeDescriptionCountry of OriginPort of DestinationValue In INRValue In USDQuantityUnitUnit Rate In INRShip Mode
    2016-08-30 85423900 I.C CD 4440CS (INTEGRATED CIRCUIT) (ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS) (MADE IN CHINA) China Delhi PPG ICD 369508.50 5454 180,000.000 PCS 2.05 Sea
    2016-08-30 40169330 8057 E 17 25 18 OIL SEAL (BRAND TCK) (FOR INDUSTRIAL USE) Taiwan Delhi PPG ICD 290221.77 4283.72 105,000.000 PCS 2.76 Sea
    2016-08-30 84099199 THREAD INSERT - M6 (HT-B-M6-PSM03221) (2100612891) (MFG OFAIR INTAKE MANIFOLD ASSEMBLY) Singapore Delhi PPG ICD 523259.87 7723.39 95,000.000 NOS 5.51 Sea
    2016-08-30 39269099 CLIP GARN 90610S100030PI (MADE OF PLASTIC) (USE IN AUTOMOBILE) (NOT FOR RETAIL SALE) Japan Delhi PPG ICD 90324.30 1333.2 80,000.000 PCS 1.13 Sea
    2016-08-30 85365090 SWITCH INDICATOR ( S/P FOR MEDICAL AIR BED PUMP SYSTEMS ) China Delhi PPG ICD 47819.38 705.82 25,000.000 PCS 1.91 Sea
    2016-08-30 40169330 3981 ID17.9 OD 26 W 5.5 RSB OIL SEAL (BRAND TCK) (FOR INDUSTRIAL USE) Taiwan Delhi PPG ICD 110560.67 1631.89 20,000.000 PCS 5.53 Sea
    2016-08-30 48191090 PAPER EMPTY BOX China Delhi PPG ICD 7134.24 105.3 10,310.000 PCS 0.69 Sea
    2016-08-30 87089900 . KS-015 DIAPHRAGM (IN-006) (GOODS IN BULK PACKING) Thailand Delhi PPG ICD 238483.84 3520.06 5,025.000 PCS 47.46 Sea
    2016-08-30 85392190 HELOGEN TUBE 240V1000W (FOR CAMERA) China Delhi PPG ICD 3625.21 53.51 5,000.000 PCS 0.73 Sea
    2016-08-30 87089900 KS-020 DIAPHRAGM (IN-007) (GOODS IN BULK PACKING) Thailand Delhi PPG ICD 582415.16 8596.53 4,500.000 PCS 129.43 Sea
    2016-02-0440027000EPDM (ETHYLENE PROPYLENE DIENE MONOMER) COLOR -18 NAVY BLUE(USE FOR CHILDREN PLAY GROUND)MalaysiaDelhi PPG ICD69146.751010.92725.000KGS95.37Sea
    2016-02-0484144090HERMETIC SCROLL COMPRESSORS GSD8 GSD80385 VAB431United StatesDelhi PPG ICD189824.652775.212.000PCS94912.33Sea
    2016-02-0457019090BAMBOO CARPET PRINTED (FC002) (120X180 CM)ChinaDelhi PPG ICD19114.53279.4550.000PCS382.29Sea
    2016-02-0484807100PLASTIC INJECTION MOLD:BOBBIN 12 FINS (PART NO.A0628)TaiwanDelhi PPG ICD1399006.4020453.311.000SET1399006.40Sea
    2016-02-0484807100PLASTIC INJECTION MOLD:BOBBIN 12 FINS (PART NO.A7346)TaiwanDelhi PPG ICD1399006.4020453.311.000SET1399006.40Sea
    2016-02-0490223000X-RAY TUBE (TUBE-E7239X) (SPARE PARTS FOR X-RAY MACHINE)Republic of KoreaDelhi PPG ICD1680839.9724573.6824.000PCS70035.00Sea
    2016-02-0435069190GLUE A (ADHESIVE) (FOR CAPTIVE USE)ChinaDelhi PPG ICD270463.863954.151,350.000KGS200.34Sea
    2016-02-0284135090841001 - 5 GAL CARBOY PUMP (CAR CARE PRODUCTS )United StatesDelhi PPG ICD8248.99120.6010.000PCS824.90Sea
    2016-02-0296039000810013 - 85-637 WHITEWALL BRUSH WIRE (CAR CARE PRODUCTS )United StatesDelhi PPG ICD2201.1732.1810.000PCS220.12Sea
    2016-02-0285369090CONNECTOR TYPE NO.LJ-683 OHW / 2LJ-683NHWN1 "SINGATRON" BRAND FOR P.A. SYSTEM FOR CAPTIVE CONSUMPTIONChinaDelhi PPG ICD1308142.9119124.90100,000.000PCS13.08Sea
    2016-02-0294038900(ITEM NO-PTS0025 WALL MOUNT BRACKET ( (UNBRANDED) (TV MOUNT) (PRODUCT SIZE: 680*430*65MM)(TILT-15--+15)ChinaDelhi PPG ICD21698.54317.2350.000SET433.97Sea
    2016-02-02320710901L5350-IR701A AUTOMOTIVE GLASS ENAMELS (COLOR PIGMENT) (FORAUTO GLASS PRODUCTION) (CAPTIVE CONSUMPTION)NetherlandsDelhi PPG ICD562670.348226.17500.000KGS1125.34Sea
    2016-01-0639199090HOT-MELT BOPP TAPE SIZE: 47 MIC X 144MM X 1000M, ( JUMBO ROLLS) UNBRANDED (TO BE USED FOR FIXING CARTOON)TaiwanDelhi PPG ICD720235.3710717.79432.000ROL1667.21Sea
    2016-01-0639199090HOT-MELT BOPP TAPE SIZE: 55 MIC X 144MM X 1000M, ( JUMBO ROLLS) UNBRANDED (TO BE USED FOR FIXING CARTOON)TaiwanDelhi PPG ICD891475.9213266.01432.000ROL2063.6Sea
    2016-01-0684629990RT-500 POWER TRANSISTOR LEAD FORMER 220V/50HZ (BRAND: RT) (FOR UPS)TaiwanDelhi PPG ICD965377.0714365.735.000SET193075.41Sea
    2016-01-0685322990FILM CAPACITORS (CL11 400V 33NK P=7.5) (FOR ASSY CFL/BALLAST PCB CIRCUIT) (FOR CAPTIVE CONSUMPTION)ChinaDelhi PPG ICD847538.2712612.181,500,000.000PCS0.57Sea
    2016-01-0684828000BEARING BUSH PART NO. 7820023188 FOR AUTOPARTS (SELF USE)MalaysiaDelhi PPG ICD126331.141879.936,000.000PCS21.06Sea
    2016-01-0687089900SHAFT SEAL PART NO. 0770080388, 0770198169 FOR AUTOPARTS (SELF USE)MalaysiaDelhi PPG ICD119430.701777.2410,000.000PCS11.94Sea
    2016-01-0685319000C&A P T FIT 605 50.8*76.2MM - ITEM NO. 9478620 - TICKETS RF- SVB NO. (SVB/CUS/REVIEW/87/YP/2015 DT. 16.01.2015)NetherlandsDelhi PPG ICD513319.407638.68324,000.000PCS1.58Sea
    2016-01-0639189090STICKY MAT (24"X36) 0.035 MM THICKNESS BLUE MIDDLETACKINESS (USED IN ELECTRONICS INDUSTRIES)ChinaDelhi PPG ICD360985.035371.82,000.000PCS180.49Sea
    2016-01-0695069190LAT PULL ITEM NO.L550PB (FOR CAPTIVE USE) EQUIPMENT FOR GENERAL PHYSICAL EXCERCISETaiwanDelhi PPG ICD135350.342014.141.000SET135350.34Sea
    2016-01-0695069190LEG EXTENSION /LEG DURL, 200 LBS ITEM NO.L020 (FOR CAPTIVE USE) EQUIPMENT FOR GENERAL PHYSICAL EXCERCISETaiwanDelhi PPG ICD168320.292504.771.000SET168320.29Sea
    2016-01-0495030090ITEM CODE 141261 MAGICAL MIMI SQUEAK THE MOUSE (ELC BRAND) (TOY)ChinaDelhi PPG ICD23369.89347.77120.000PCS194.75Sea
    2016-01-0495030090ITEM CODE 141262 MAGICAL MIMI MERMAID (ELC BRAND) (TOY)ChinaDelhi PPG ICD23369.89347.77120.000PCS194.75Sea
    2016-01-0495030090ITEM CODE 141272 CASH REGISTER (ELC BRAND GAME)ChinaDelhi PPG ICD140941.222097.34240.000PCS587.26Sea
    2016-01-0495049090ITEM CODE 122818 CRICKET SET (ELC BRAND (GAME)ChinaDelhi PPG ICD8644.15128.6324.000PCS360.17Sea
    2016-01-0495030090ITEM CODE 122819 CROQUET SET (ELC BRAND GAME)ChinaDelhi PPG ICD4610.8268.6112.000PCS384.24Sea
    2016-01-0449119100ITEM CODE 133591 JUMBO ALPHABET CARDS (ELC BRAND)ChinaDelhi PPG ICD294.764.392.000PCS147.38Sea
    2016-01-0495030090ITEM CODE 140209 FIRE RESCUE BUILDING BRICKS. (ELC BRAND) (TOY)ChinaDelhi PPG ICD23532.31350.1896.000PCS245.13Sea
    2015-12-0359090090FLEXGUARD 2128 08MM (5/16'') (2301000803S)-(MTR-3500) (FOR INDUSTRIAL USE)JapanDelhi PPG ICD55352.45829.8754.600KGS1013.78Sea
    2015-12-0359090090FLEXGUARD 2128 08MM (5/16'') (2301000803M0093001)-(NOS-50000) (FOR INDUSTRIAL USE)JapanDelhi PPG ICD114608.901718.2775.000KGS1528.12Sea
    2015-12-0339234000PLASTIC SPOOLJapanDelhi PPG ICD17661.67264.7910.000NOS1766.17Sea
    2015-12-0373181500PO:5844952 6122944 PTP3X10 (SCREW)ChinaDelhi PPG ICD205526.343081.351,520,000.000PCS0.14Sea
    2015-12-0373181500PO:5830459 3413395 STH/W8X20 (SCREW)ChinaDelhi PPG ICD16225.76243.264,000.000PCS4.06Sea
    2015-12-0373181500PO:5858745 6179206 PTC4X10 (SCREW)ChinaDelhi PPG ICD161446.352420.49398,000.000PCS0.41Sea
    2015-12-03392190997213 5251 2500 911706 VALMEX FR 580 TIVOLI SILVER COLOR SILVER/GREY CA. 580 G/QM 250 CM (PVC COATED TARPAULIN)GermanyDelhi PPG ICD346877.435200.561,300.000SQM266.83Sea
    2015-12-0384198190RICE COOKER, MODEL:MC-31, MAKE:YPT (KITCHEN EQUIPMENT FOR HOTEL USE)ChinaDelhi PPG ICD273195.964095.891.000NOS273195.96Sea
    2015-12-0384198190DIMSUM STEAMER-TABLE TOP , MODEL:CUSTOM, MAKE:YPT (KITCHEN EQUIPMENT FOR HOTEL USE)ChinaDelhi PPG ICD215920.813237.191.000NOS215920.81Sea
    2015-12-0285163300M99ACS-JAQ OPTIMA HAND DRYER, SATINSpainDelhi PPG ICD487797.707313.3196.000NOS5081.23Sea
    2015-12-0282079090ITEM NO. 70401, UT LIGHTED TWEEZER-POINTED USE 70401-L - INSPECTION TOOL - (FOR HANDTOOL KITS), MAKE:- GENERAL TOOLS & IChinaDelhi PPG ICD4726.9770.8724.000NOS196.96Sea
    2015-12-0282079090ITEM NO. 751016, DUAL DRIVER 16PC UT1- INSPECTION TOOL - (FOR HANDTOOL KITS), MAKE:- GENERAL TOOLS & INSTRUMENTS CO., LLChinaDelhi PPG ICD29769.86446.32144.000NOS206.74Sea
    2015-12-0282079090ITEM NO.230 FEELER GAGE 3" C1 A,H,C X - INSPECTION TOOL - (FOR HANDTOOL KITS), MAKE:- GENERAL TOOLS & INSTRUMENTS CO., LChinaDelhi PPG ICD42743.88640.84360.000NOS118.73Sea
    2015-12-0139269069PLASTIC HANGER - 41 CM (MADE OF PLASTIC)Hong KongDelhi PPG ICD47018.42704.923,200.000PCS14.69Sea
    2015-12-0139269069PLASTIC HANGER - 38 CM (MADE OF PLASTIC)Hong KongDelhi PPG ICD13025.03195.281,000.000PCS13.03Sea
    2015-12-0139269069PLASTIC HANGER - 41 CM (MADE OF PLASTIC)Hong KongDelhi PPG ICD8007.50120.05600.000PCS13.35Sea
    2015-12-0139199090POLYESTER SELF ADHESIVE TAPE ROLLS 1070 MM X 1000 M X 45 ROLLS YONG YI BRAND FOR MAKING LABELS FOR CAPATIVE USEChinaDelhi PPG ICD1536300.2123032.9948,150.000SQM31.91Sea
    2015-12-0139199090POLYESTER SELF ADHESIVE TAPE ROLLS 1070 MM X 500 M X 20 ROLLS YONG YI BRAND FOR MAKING LABELS FOR CAPATIVE USEChinaDelhi PPG ICD468602.337025.5210,700.000SQM43.79Sea
    2015-12-0139199090POLYESTER SELF ADHESIVE TAPE ROLLS 1070 MM X 500 M X 15 ROLLS YONG YI BRAND FOR MAKING LABELS FOR CAPATIVE USEChinaDelhi PPG ICD340720.395108.258,025.000SQM42.46Sea
    2015-03-3085414019PHOTOCELL PAIR 001DIR10 (PART FOR AUTOMATIC BARRIER SYSTEM)ItalyDelhi PPG ICD111455.991769.14100.000UNT1114.56Sea
    2015-03-30848210116205ZZ, BEARING , U/WT. 0.120ChinaDelhi PPG ICD707756.7311234.2340,176.000PCS17.62Sea
    2015-03-30848210116206ZZ, BEARING , U/WT. 0.190ChinaDelhi PPG ICD941376.7014942.4933,250.000PCS28.31Sea
    2015-03-30848210116206ZZ, BEARING , U/WT. 0.190ChinaDelhi PPG ICD100507.891595.363,550.000PCS28.31Sea
    2015-03-28848210116205-ZZ, BEARING, U/WT- 0.115ChinaDelhi PPG ICD1308022.8320762.2760,000.000PCS21.8Sea
    2015-03-2884821011608-ZZ, BEARING, U/WT- 0.012ChinaDelhi PPG ICD775214.7712305300,800.000PCS2.58Sea
    2015-03-2884821011HQ6203ZZV3 ,BEARING , U/WT. 0.063ChinaDelhi PPG ICD719019.001141350,000.000PCS14.38Sea
    2015-02-2584824000NEEDLE ROLLER BEARINGS TLAM 810 , BRAND-IKO,MAKE-NIPPON THOMPSON , WT 3.3 GMJapanDelhi PPG ICD1487.1823.6830.000NOS49.57Sea
    2015-02-2584824000NEEDLE ROLLER BEARINGS TR 253825 , BRAND-IKO,MAKE-NIPPON THOMPSON , WT 89 GMJapanDelhi PPG ICD9241.02147.1550.000NOS184.82Sea
    2015-02-2584248100AGRICULTURAL SPRAYER 16 LTR CAPACITY FOR AGRICULTURAL USE MODEL : BT-16-8AChinaDelhi PPG ICD4539995.0672292.913,492.000PCS1300.11Sea
    2015-02-2584186990INDUSTRIAL SPOT COOLER (SS-56EC-8A) (FOR INDUSTRIAL USE)ChinaDelhi PPG ICD217938.613470.362.000PCS108969.31Sea
    2015-02-2542021990CASE ( GLASSES CASE ) W/O ART NO.(UNBRANDED) ( EMPTY SUNGLASSES CASE)ChinaDelhi PPG ICD182240.182901.9116,704.000PCS10.91Sea
    2015-02-2584829900L-BALLS, LHS 16 (2) BRAND-IKO,MAKE-NIPPON THOMPSON , WT 0.30 GMJapanDelhi PPG ICD3659.7758.2812.000NOS304.98Sea
    2015-02-2584829900L-BALLS, LHS 16 L (2) BRAND-IKO,MAKE-NIPPON THOMPSONJapanDelhi PPG ICD1829.8829.146.000NOS304.98Sea
    2015-02-2584829900L-BALLS, LHSA 5 (2) BRAND-IKO,MAKE-NIPPON THOMPSONJapanDelhi PPG ICD5455.7086.8775.000NOS72.74Sea
    2015-01-3176052990ALUMINIUM WELDING WIRE (MIG WIRE 4043 D MM 1.60 SP)ITALYDelhi PPG ICD303983.554879.35504.000KGS603.14Sea
    2015-01-3148149000WALL PAPER,SIZE : 0.53MTR*10MTR/ROLLCHINADelhi PPG ICD1192611.0819143.035936.000ROL200.91Sea
    2015-01-3139199090SELF ADHESIVE TAPE (PART NO.D-0826) 0.17MM X 1000MM X44MKorea, Republic ofDelhi PPG ICD191306.373070.7320.000ROL9565.32Sea
    2015-01-3172230092STAINLESS STEEL WIRE OF GRADE AISI -420 SIZE 0.940 MM IN COIL (CAPTIVE USE)JAPANDelhi PPG ICD69349.101113.15101.000KGS686.62Sea
    2015-01-3173181500IRON BOLTS/ SCREWSCHINADelhi PPG ICD488923.807847.8910245.000KGS47.72Sea
    2015-01-3148149000WALL PAPER,SIZE : 53CMS*10MTR/ROLLCHINADelhi PPG ICD1021487.8716396.274308.000ROL237.11Sea
    2015-01-2994035010TRAVEL B TRAVEL COT 002 NAVY (FOR HOTEL USE)ITALYDelhi PPG ICD29391.46471.7712.000PCS2449.29Sea
    2015-01-2994042110MATTRESS BABYBREVI (FOR HOTEL USE)ITALYDelhi PPG ICD17704.17284.1812.000PCS1475.35Sea
    2015-01-2985051110FERRITE CORES(K5A RH 17.5X9.5X12.7)TAIWANDelhi PPG ICD399532.736413.05100000.000PCS4.00Sea
    2015-01-2985332929RESISTOR RM10F (UNBRANDED CFL PARTS)MALAYSIADelhi PPG ICD59109.87948.791540000.000PCS0.04Sea
    2015-01-2948201090NOTEBOOK (DIARY)TAIWANDelhi PPG ICD1141.5518.3260.000PCS19.03Sea
    2015-01-2949100090CALENDER (PRINTED MATTER)TAIWANDelhi PPG ICD951.2915.2760.000PCS15.85Sea
    2015-01-2990189011NB80 NEBULIZERCHINADelhi PPG ICD110078.441766.91112.000PCS982.84Sea
    2015-01-2990189011NA100 NEBULIZERCHINADelhi PPG ICD125803.932019.32124.000PCS1014.55Sea
    2014-12-2982079090USED CORDLESS DRILL (USED PERSONAL EFFECTS)UNITED KINGDOMDelhi PPG ICD4260.3666.721.000SET4260.36Sea
    2014-12-2961034300G89824 BRAND ADIDAS SN SHRT TIGHT M BLK/DGSOGR RUN. APP.(75%NYL,25%ELAS.MEN KNITED TIGHT SHORTS)(AIFTA-0000931/TGP/2014)INDONESIADelhi PPG ICD8160.44127.8114.000PCS582.89Sea
    2014-12-2985185000M.N. HCP 2- AMPLIFIER 2X100W BRAND HERTZ FOR CARCHINADelhi PPG ICD351769.995509.32128.000PCS2748.20Sea
    2014-12-2985339000MOR RODS WITH CAPS 4X14MMTAIWANDelhi PPG ICD92863.441454.40300.000PCS309.54Sea
    2014-12-2985185000M.N. HCP 2- AMPLIFIER 2X100W BRAND HERTZ FOR CARCHINADelhi PPG ICD351769.995509.32128.000PCS2748.20Sea
    2014-12-2984821090BALL BEARING, 608ZZSD86, M4MTLY532HTHAILANDDelhi PPG ICD1129838.5217695.2060000.000PCS18.83Sea
    2014-12-2985334090380-3601-Z ZINC OXIDE VARISTOR(ROHS) (FOR UPS)CHINADelhi PPG ICD1494.8423.411000.000PCS1.49Sea
    2014-12-2973181900RONDELLE PIANE OTTONE DIN 125 (50125 5)(02321004) (SCREW)ITALYDelhi PPG ICD2259.7535.392000.000NOS1.13Sea
    2014-12-2973181900RONDELLE PIANE OTTONE DIN 125 (50125 6)(02321005) (SCREW)ITALYDelhi PPG ICD9206.37144.195500.000NOS1.67Sea
    2014-11-27 94032090 DISPLAY, CASHDESK BOX, BLACK (8003552) (152745-01-B) (METALFURNITURE) (CAPTIVE USE) CHINA Delhi PPG ICD 8986.86 143.56 1 PCS 8986.86 Sea
    2014-11-27 73181500 BOLT 8T4934(PART FOR INDL.EARTHMOVING MACHINE BRAND ITR) ITALY Delhi PPG ICD 2612.13 41.73 5 PCS 522.43 Sea
    2014-11-27 84314200 HUB 2G6336 (PART FOR INDL.EARTHMOVING MACHINE BRAND ITR) ITALY Delhi PPG ICD 7710.70 123.17 1 PCS 7710.70 Sea
    2014-11-27 73181500 BOLT 1D4608(PART FOR INDL.EARTHMOVING MACHINE BRAND ITR) ITALY Delhi PPG ICD 2618.68 41.83 40 PCS 65.47 Sea
    2014-11-27 84314200 MOUNTING 2L4238(PART FOR INDL.EARTHMOVING MACHINE BRAND ITR) ITALY Delhi PPG ICD 1315.89 21.02 6 PCS 219.32 Sea
    2014-11-27 38249090 GRIP POWDER (1 TUBE X 100 GRM) MALAYSIA Delhi PPG ICD 3802.53 60.74 300 TUB 12.68 Sea
    2014-11-27 73181900 CHAIN 5T0735(PART FOR INDL.EARTHMOVING MACHINE BRAND ITR) ITALY Delhi PPG ICD 14730.08 235.30 3 PCS 4910.03 Sea
    2014-11-27 73181900 WEAR STRIP 5T2925(PART FOR INDL.EARTHMOVING MACHINE BRAND ITR) ITALY Delhi PPG ICD 127660.66 2039.31 100 PCS 1276.61 Sea
    2014-11-27 84212300 FILTER 1R0734(PART FOR INDL.EARTHMOVING MACHINE BRAND ITR) ITALY Delhi PPG ICD 308.35 4.93 1 PCS 308.35 Sea
    2014-11-27 40169390 SEAL 9W7209 (PART FOR INDL.EARTHMOVING MACHINE BRAND ITR) ITALY Delhi PPG ICD 7046.87 112.57 12 PCS 587.24 Sea
    2014-11-27 73269099 GASKETS (CXC6800021) (22291719) (CAPTIVE CONSUMPTION) UNITED KINGDOM Delhi PPG ICD 20790.83 332.12 105000 PCS 0.20 Sea
    2014-11-27 73269099 GASKETS (CXC6800098) (SP10089T) (CAPTIVE CONSUMPTION) UNITED KINGDOM Delhi PPG ICD 77062.53 1231.03 300000 PCS 0.26 Sea
    2014-11-27 84749000 N13030616 SHAFT MV1 (CRUSHER PARTS) CAPTIVE USE FRANCE Delhi PPG ICD 26399.36 421.72 2 PCS 13199.68 Sea
    2014-11-27 84749000 MM0233786 HYDRAULIC JACK (CRUSHER PARTS) CAPTIVE USE FRANCE Delhi PPG ICD 78232.56 1249.72 6 PCS 13038.76 Sea
    2014-11-27 84749000 MM0299167 PLUG PLASTIC (CRUSHER PARTS) CAPTIVE USE FRANCE Delhi PPG ICD 8229.72 131.47 200 PCS 41.15 Sea
    2014-11-26 59031090 PU SYNTHETIC LEATHER (THICKNESS 1.30 MM) (+/- 0.1 MM) (USEDIN SHOE INDUS) TAIWAN Delhi PPG ICD 1663072.22 26566.65 3836 MTR 433.54 Sea
    2014-11-26 59031090 PU SYNTHETIC LEATHER (THICKNESS 1.40 MM) (+/- 0.1 MM) (USEDIN SHOE INDUS) TAIWAN Delhi PPG ICD 27633.59 441.43 67 MTR 412.44 Sea
    2014-11-26 37079090 COMPATIBLE PRINTER TONER 34310 PRINTER PART (UNBRANDED) SINGAPORE Delhi PPG ICD 317536.47 5072.47 960 KGS 330.77 Sea
    2014-11-26 84819090 HAND WHEEL CHINA Delhi PPG ICD 125912.17 2011.38 12000 NOS 10.49 Sea
    2014-11-26 85412900 DIODE ABS10 (UNBRANDED CFL PARTS) CHINA Delhi PPG ICD 1179495.17 18841.78 600000 PCS 1.97 Sea
    2014-11-26 53091990 100%LINEN SHIRTING FABRIC 147-148CM/GSM 115-120 ITALY Delhi PPG ICD 4353162.44 69539.34 5905.610 MTR 737.12 Sea
    2014-11-26 39199090 TAPE PRINTED FOR ADIDAS 825Y7 YELLOW 60MMX90M TAIWAN Delhi PPG ICD 201480.06 3218.53 189000 MTR 1.07 Sea
    2014-11-26 85443000 WIRING WHITE (L3052300040) SPARE PART FOR NEBULIZER CHINA Delhi PPG ICD 10568.68 168.83 960 MTR 11.01 Sea
    2014-10-30 34029099 803 I AND MS II 208L (CLEANING PREPARATION) UNITED STATES Delhi PPG ICD 37718.56 607.87 1 NOS 37718.56 Sea
    2014-10-30 85322990 CD263 50V22 ELECTRONICS CAPACITORS (END USE CTV/RADIO) CHINA Delhi PPG ICD 60730.98 978.74 250000 NOS 0.24 Sea
    2014-10-30 85322990 CD263 50V33 ELECTRONICS CAPACITORS (END USE CTV/RADIO) CHINA Delhi PPG ICD 13408.89 216.10 40000 NOS 0.34 Sea
    2014-10-30 85322990 CD263 50V100 ELECTRONICS CAPACITORS (END USE CTV/RADIO) CHINA Delhi PPG ICD 27202.35 438.39 40000 NOS 0.68 Sea
    2014-10-30 73209090 MEDIUM LOAD SPRINGS 19 X 25 MM ITALY Delhi PPG ICD 4627.88 74.58 100 NOS 46.28 Sea
    2014-10-30 73209090 HEAVY LOAD SPRINGS 19 X 38 MM ITALY Delhi PPG ICD 7181.19 115.73 100 NOS 71.81 Sea
    2014-10-30 73209090 LIGHT LOAD SPRINGS 38 X 65 MM ITALY Delhi PPG ICD 8713.17 140.42 60 NOS 145.22 Sea
    2014-06-3084828000NU217M, BEARING, U/WT.- 1.900CHINADelhi PPG ICD20520.79339.4730.000PCS684.03Sea
    2014-06-3084828000NU218M, BEARING, U/WT.- 2.280CHINADelhi PPG ICD7836.29129.6315.000PCS522.42Sea
    2014-06-3039092090HIPERESIN MF 100CITALYDelhi PPG ICD913096.5615104.994,000.000KGS228.27Sea
    2014-06-3073181900CUP S4 M M4 CT D8 +INJ (PART OF GAS STOVE)ITALYDelhi PPG ICD82884.331371.12700.000PCS118.41Sea
    2014-06-30830890993/4" SLIM WALLET 3.1MM GAP GILT(METAL)(FOR DIARY)UNITED KINGDOMDelhi PPG ICD1288820.0721320.43700,000PCS1.84Sea
    2014-06-3087083000DISC HARDWARE KITCHINADelhi PPG ICD73800.751220.8643.000NOS1716.30Sea
    2014-06-3073181600HEX NUTS DIN 934 M 12(INDUSTRIAL FASTENERS)SWITZERLANDDelhi PPG ICD8011.97132.54300.000PCS26.71Sea
    2014-06-3084145990SMOKE EXTRACT AXIAL FAN AXR 560-9/8-2(F)DENMARKDelhi PPG ICD802367.6713273.258.000PCS100295.96Sea
    2014-06-3087083000SHIMSNETHERLANDSDelhi PPG ICD498544.188247.2225,080.0PCS19.88Sea
    2014-06-3039094090POWDER RESINSPAINDelhi PPG ICD687947.9211380.453,750.0KGS183.45Sea
    2014-05-1684669400MOULD TOOLCHINADelhi PPG ICD212453.503535.001.000PCS212453.50Sea
    2014-05-16848210116207, BEARING, U/WT.- 0.270CHINADelhi PPG ICD234337.753899.136,000PCS39.06Sea
    2014-05-1685331000RESISTORS (RM12JT150 1206 5% 15 OHM) (FOR CAPTIVE CONSUMPTION)MALAYSIADelhi PPG ICD50108.16833.75900,000PCS0.06Sea
    2014-05-1685389000HOUSING 2PIN WB25B-002-411 (PART OF CONNECTOR)Korea, Republic ofDelhi PPG ICD5125.2785.2815,000PCS0.34Sea
    2014-05-1639269099RETAINER 4PIN WB25B-004-456 (PART OF CONNECTOR)Korea, Republic ofDelhi PPG ICD14909.88248.0840,000PCS0.37Sea
    2014-05-1684629990HANDPRESS MACHINE(FOR CAPTIVE CONSUMPTION)THAILANDDelhi PPG ICD112354.021869.451.000PCS112354.02Sea
    2014-05-1639174000UNION 1" (PVC FITTINGS)CHINADelhi PPG ICD127833.682127.0225,000PCS5.11Sea
    2014-05-1684314990AP 05 VITAL PLAIN TROLY SPARE PARTS FOR ELEVATOR)UNITED ARAB EMIRATESDelhi PPG ICD6876.87114.421.000PCS6876.87Sea
    2014-05-1685331000RESISTORS (RM12JT101 1206 5% 100 OHM) (FOR CAPTIVE CONSUMPTION)MALAYSIADelhi PPG ICD66810.891111.661,200,000PCS0.06Sea
    2014-05-1684807900SCALPEL HANDLE MOLDKorea, Republic ofDelhi PPG ICD653728.8110877.351.000SET653728.81Sea
    2014-04-0748101390INKJET PRINTING PAPER ROLLS (1118MMX100M)CHINADelhi PPG ICD143403.032372.26150.000ROL956.02Sea
    2014-04-0776152090TRACK, 900 MM (SANITARY ARTICLE ACCESSORIES)DENMARKDelhi PPG ICD23785.73393.485.000NOS4757.15Sea
    2014-04-0784729090SB480- SMART BOARD 480 (INTERACTIVE WHITE BOARD)MEXICODelhi PPG ICD116253.021923.138.000NOS14531.63Sea
    2014-04-0785472000368541-1 CONNECTOR HOUSING (PLASTIC INSULATION)Korea, Republic ofDelhi PPG ICD148864.422462.6030,000NOS4.96Sea
    2014-04-074016999096000123 RUBBER PISTON(FOR SAUNA BATH)SWEDENDelhi PPG ICD3970.6765.695.000PCS794.13Sea
    2014-04-0748232000FILTER PAPER (T13781-74L00)JAPANDelhi PPG ICD722149.8611946.2316,384PCS44.08Sea
    2014-04-0785472000HALOGEN FREE HS TUBE (SIZE 30 MM)CHINADelhi PPG ICD196955.793258.1610.000KME19695.58Sea
    2014-04-0785123010JK272000-69202D HORNSINGAPOREDelhi PPG ICD354245.175860.141,520PCS233.06Sea
    2014-04-0784243000XJFQ-1000 WALL RENDERING MACHINECHINADelhi PPG ICD154983.242563.831.000SET154983.24Sea
    2014-04-0785068090AA SUPER HEAVY DUTY(DRY BATTERY)CHINADelhi PPG ICD623675.0010317.20200,000PCS3.12Sea
    2014-03-0128399010MIRACLE POWDER, 18 KGS/BAG, (MANGNESIUM TRI-SILICATE POWDER)NetherlandsDelhi PPG ICD28631.39454.834771.90BAG6.000Sea
    2014-03-0184138190ROTOR PUMP RP15A2-22-30 (FOR DAIKIN OIL HYDRAULIC EQUIPMENT)JAPANDelhi PPG ICD44835.54712.2444835.54PCS1.000Sea
    2014-03-0184314200BRACKET 8W1753 (PART FOR EARTH MOVING MACHINE BRAND A S P)TURKEYDelhi PPG ICD37403.12594.179350.78PCS4.000Sea
    2014-02-2882055990DIE GRINDER (MODEL NO. 701002) (BRAND: SENCAN)CHINADelhi PPG ICD45515.18723.04367.06PCS124.000Sea
    2014-02-2839053000POLYVINYL ALCOHOL PVA 220 (COO SINGAPORE)SingaporeDelhi PPG ICD2431915.8838632.50143.05KGS17,000Sea
    2014-02-2883024200DOOR AND WINDOWS FITTING AC/35.01.110 (WATER OUTLET12MM ROUND) (BLACK)SPAINDelhi PPG ICD1322.8721.0117.18SET77.000Sea
    2014-02-2640169990RUBBER LABLECHINADelhi PPG ICD33446.14531.31102GGR327.9Sea
    2014-02-2673182990RIVETSSTEEL TUBULAR RIVETTURKEYDelhi PPG ICD26909.25427.4717568PCS1.53Sea
    2014-02-2622042990VINO SAN MEDIN , CABERNET SAUVIGNON, RED WINE (12 BTL OF 750ML EACH CTN)CHILEDelhi PPG ICD1005860.8615978.73740CTN1359.27Sea
    2014-02-2635069999GLUESlovakiaDelhi PPG ICD446234.597088.71968KGS460.99Sea
    2014-02-2640169990DUST COVER(ITEM CODE 8536010000E)CHINADelhi PPG ICD5445.3686.5600NOS9.08Sea
    2014-02-2649011010BUDDHA BOOKS (BOOKS) (FOR DONATION)TAIWANDelhi PPG ICD75302.041196.2211712NOS6.43Sea
    2014-02-2629171200PLASTICIZER (ADIPIC ACID ESTER) ADK CIZER RS-107THAILANDDelhi PPG ICD4746158.8175395.6916000KGS296.63Sea
    2014-02-2612119049JABORANDI LEAF (CUT SIFT &KIBBLED) (HERBS) CAPTIVE USEBRAZILDelhi PPG ICD1181329.9818766.162487KGS475Sea
    2014-02-2642032110BHASEEN XP 1300 GLOVE (SPORTS GOODS)TAIWANDelhi PPG ICD193713.923077.27150PCS1291.43Sea
    2014-02-2684829119LOW CHROME BALLS (STEEL BALL )CHINADelhi PPG ICD556320.638837.58750KGS63.58Sea
    2014-01-0885011019PUMPING MOTOR FOR B.P MONITOR SAMPLECHINADelhi PPG ICD1932.6031.0010PCS193.26Sea
    2014-01-0829232010EMULSIFIER (EMULPUR)(RAW MATERIAL FOR CAPTIVE CONSUMPTION)GERMANYDelhi PPG ICD2191862.5335154.174,320KGS507.38Sea
    2014-01-0838159000700190XXX200 DK 190 CATALYSTITALYDelhi PPG ICD985565.0715806.981,800KGS547.54Sea
    2014-01-0838122090PLASTICISER : 00327227UNITED STATESDelhi PPG ICD114335.561833.770.195MTS586336.21Sea
    2014-01-0885389000HOUSING MG630878-2-PARTS OF CONNECTORKorea, Republic ofDelhi PPG ICD10961.54175.8115,000PCS0.73Sea
    2014-01-0729147090CAMPHOR SULPHONIC ACIDCHINADelhi PPG ICD1612121.6025856.002,000KGS806.06Sea
    2014-01-07382490903400-1 BROWN FRICTION PARTICLEUNITED STATESDelhi PPG ICD200410.263214.281,200KGS167.01Sea
    2014-01-0738159000WACKER CATALYST OL BATCH: UO08724GERMANYDelhi PPG ICD358303.565746.658.000KGS44787.95Sea
    2014-01-0785287390LED SAMSUNG 32F4000 (LED TV MADE IN EGYPT)EGYPTDelhi PPG ICD906818.4014544.0080.000PCS11335.23Sea
    2014-01-0785322990234-118330020305 CAPACITOR 3UF.300VAC-U02R (FOR UPS)TAIWANDelhi PPG ICD171734.402754.369,997PCS17.18Sea
    2013-11-0829389090STEVIOL GLYCOSIDES ST85%CHINADelhi PPG ICD1067974.0016925.101,000KGS1067.97Sea
    2013-11-0829389090STEVIOL GLYCOSIDES RA97%CHINADelhi PPG ICD437712.296936.8075.000KGS5836.16Sea
    2013-11-0829171990INK GELLING AGENT (USE FOR MAKING PRINTING INK AND PAINTS)CHINADelhi PPG ICD121435.621924.49500.000KGS242.87Sea
    2013-10-0529420090PHYTOSTEROL (INTERMEDIATE)CHINADelhi PPG ICD561029.758969.30340.000KGS1650.09Sea
    2013-10-0529415000ERYTHROMYCIN THIOCYANATE (KG ACTIVITY)CHINADelhi PPG ICD10281326.57164369.732,980.10KGA3449.99Sea
    2013-10-0585369090TERMINAL ST730695-3- CONNECTION AND CONTACT ELEMENT FOR WIRE& CABLE-FOR CAPTIVE USEKorea, Republic ofDelhi PPG ICD169618.062711.72240,000PCS0.71Sea
    2013-10-0584483100A11010 FX 2.5 META LLIC CARD CLOTHING ST AT 30 KGS C.O.O NL (S/P FOR UNIMIX M/C B7/3R)NetherlandsDelhi PPG ICD68107.281088.8560.000KGS1135.12Sea
    2013-10-0584483100B21010FX2.5 METALLIC CARD CLOTHING SET AT 30 KGS C.O.O NL (S/P FOR FINE CLEANER B 50R)NetherlandsDelhi PPG ICD136214.562177.69120.000KGS1135.12Sea
    2013-10-0585198990MODEL NO. AGC-3220YF-D BRAND DAEWOO (NIPPON) MP3/CD PLAYER FOR CAR C.E.R.N.AAA CN.2163 LE M003Korea, Republic ofDelhi PPG ICD2590200.4341410.08384.000PCS6745.31Sea
    2013-10-0484149019PISTON SET CSV-37 FUE 1-6 (SPARE PARTS FOR AIR COMPRESSOR)JAPANDelhi PPG ICD115409.081845.0724.000NOS4808.71Sea
    2013-10-0484145990EXHAUST FAN 07450022 (SPARE PARTS FOR AIR COMPRESSOR)JAPANDelhi PPG ICD15694.34250.916.000NOS2615.72Sea
    2013-10-0429171990STABILIZER FOR PVC (ADK STAB TP-104) SAMPLETHAILANDDelhi PPG ICD12020.91192.1835.000KGS343.45Sea
    2013-10-0429171200PLASTICIZER (ADIPIC ACID ESTER) ADK CIZER RS-107THAILANDDelhi PPG ICD3552693.7756797.6612,000.00KGS296.06Sea
    2004-11-3069081090Reno (15x45) (Ceramic Tiles)SpainDelhi Ppg58457.11274.96144SQM405.952Sea
    2004-11-2985322300270pf/500v +/-10%(Ceramic Capacitors)ThailandDelhi Ppg5909.65128.89130000NOS0.196988Sea
    2004-11-29853390002w 4x14mm (Raw Material Parts For Resistors Ceramic Base With Caps For Resistors)TaiwanDelhi Ppg68536.61494.8800THD85.6707Sea
    2004-11-2569081090Ceramic Decorative Tiles 150x80mmChinaDelhi Ppg8682.18189.3612000PCS4.34109Sea
    2004-11-2595034100Soft ToyChinaDelhi Ppg8474.46184.8360DOZ141.241Sea
    2004-11-2595031000Toy Flower (Assorted Toys & Items)ChinaDelhi Ppg19449.6424.2100DOZ194.496Sea
    2004-11-23320810901702403 602 Universal-primer-sealer (Paint)GermanyDelhi Ppg2051744474.891080KGS189.976Sea
    2004-11-2284819010D40g-8 Ceramic Cartridges (Parts Of Valve)ChinaDelhi Ppg12318.1268.66200PCS61.5903Sea
    2004-11-2269120090Square Plate 37 X 24 X 5cm Green (Ceramic Ware)ChinaDelhi Ppg16904.3368.68772PCS234.782Sea
    2004-11-1969149000Ceramic Candle HolderUnited Arab EmiratesDelhi Ppg19702.2429.711204PCS96.5796Sea
    2004-11-1832049000Lower Lead Acrylic Paint(Raw Material For Button)TaiwanDelhi Ppg4413.3896.25695UGS882.676Sea
    2004-11-0969149000Set Of 3 Natural Wall Pots (Ceramic Decorative Item)United KingdomDelhi Ppg1433.4131.2632PCS716.705Sea
    2004-11-0996034010Paint Brushes-high Pick Up Brush 4"(121mm)ChinaDelhi Ppg920422007.461536NOS59.9232Sea
    2004-11-0685322400B37921k5102k060 Mlcc 0402,1nf,50v,+/-10%,x7r (Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitor)Korea, democratic People's Republic OfDelhi Ppg20144.2439.35500000PCS0.0402884Sea
    2004-10-3069081010Dolmen 10 Beige 33.3x33.3 (Ceramic And Porcelain Tiles)SpainDelhi Ppg1030782235.96192SQM536.863Sea
    2004-10-3033012921Madagascar Clove Leaf Oil (Natural Essential Oil)SingaporeDelhi Ppg91581119865.85500KGS166.511Sea
    2004-10-2985438999Ceramic Resonator 10500 speedometer/ Techometer)JapanDelhi Ppg62784.41361.9210500NOS5.97946Sea
    2004-10-2974199930H/C Of Brass,iron Ceramic ItemsIndiaDelhi Ppg25378.7550.513180PCS140.993Sea
    2004-10-2885339000Ceramic Base With Caps 4x14mmTaiwanDelhi Ppg18907.3410.136219.5THD86.1379Sea
    2004-10-2785339000Ceramic Base With Caps For Resistors 1.7x5.2mm (Raw Material For Resistors)TaiwanDelhi Ppg2313155017.6821600THD10.709Sea
    2004-10-2770200011Glass Paper Wt.Toy 50#ChinaDelhi Ppg1713.4437.1679800PCS2.1418Sea
    2004-10-219503902020x50b Toy Bina Cular (Plastic Toy)ChinaDelhi Ppg2166.8447.00360NOS36.114Sea
    2004-10-2195032000Rubber Toy Ting ModelChinaDelhi Ppg98716.12141.3572000PCS1.37106Sea
    2004-10-2033012300Lavandin Oil Grosso (Natural Essential Oil)FranceDelhi Ppg3432177445.06400KGS858.043Sea
    2004-10-1995036090Magic Cube (Plastic Toy)ChinaDelhi Ppg14919.1323.6245761NOS2.58966Sea
    2004-10-18721090906100 P3 Ug 1200mm Enamel Steel Coil White With Protection Foil (Enamel Steel Coils)BelgiumDelhi Ppg1284092785.45266.4SQM482.016Sea
    2004-10-1569099000Ceramic Foam Filter Fcf-2 40x40x15mm Ppi 20ChinaDelhi Ppg19788.4429.255000PCS3.95769Sea
    2004-10-1438011000Billet Grft Edm150 6 X24x48 Mfg BoronUnited StatesDelhi Ppg53869011685.26PCS89781.7Sea
    2004-10-1369109000Closestool (Ceramic Articles)ChinaDelhi Ppg13105.6284.28610PCS1310.56Sea
    2004-10-1369120090Ceramic BowlThailandDelhi Ppg121.542.636442PCS60.77Sea
    2004-10-1132049000Ceramic Colors Turo Blue 25h500ChinaDelhi Ppg50447.21094.3500KGS100.894Sea
    2004-10-1185322990Ceramic Capacitors 'aec'brand Dc 500 Wv (Electronic Components)TaiwanDelhi Ppg46528010092.82e+007PCS0.023264Sea
    2004-10-0769081090Ceramic Decorative Tiles (300x100mm)ChinaDelhi Ppg24300.9527.1362044PCS11.8889Sea
    2004-10-0484199010Ceramic Disc Dia 11mmChinaDelhi Ppg2979.964.63998000PCS0.372487Sea
    2004-10-0485012000Ceramic Nozzle Wg 2412 (Spare Parts Of Welding Machinery)ChinaDelhi Ppg1368.8929.6939420PCS3.25926Sea
    2004-09-2985322300Ceramic Capacitor 20kpf, 50v S203zyfe041lChinaDelhi Ppg3578.6876.960930000PCS0.119289Sea
    2004-09-2769120010Ceramic MugsChinaDelhi Ppg7080.43152.267155DOZ45.6802Sea
    2004-09-20690810103nn3224 (80x330) (Ceramic Tiles)ChinaDelhi Ppg55179.71186.661998PCS27.6175Sea
    2004-09-2069079090Glazed Ceramic Tiles (Nomenclatura E Natura Beni Suindicati)ItalyDelhi Ppg55401.21191.4278.07SQM709.635Sea
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