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Global Export Import Market Intelligence

DateHS CodeDescriptionCountry of DestinationPort of OriginValue In INRValue In USDQuantityUnitUnit Rate In INRShip Mode
2014-06-3083081010QUARTER TURN LOCKING KARABINER PN 113 /KR-PN-113SINGAPOREDelhi TKD ICD11890.00200100NOS118.9Sea
2014-06-3063072090FULL BODY HARNESS PN41(01) /KR-PN-41(01)SINGAPOREDelhi TKD ICD62600.86105360NOS1043.35Sea
2014-06-3073071190STEEL CLAMPS GALVANIZED/ZINC PLATED30539054SWEDENDelhi TKD ICD18967.79319.051,000PCS18.97Sea
2014-06-3087089900KNUCKLE BRACKET ASSY ( 01991662 )THAILANDDelhi TKD ICD319245.315369.986,480PCS49.27Sea
2014-06-3073261990ALLOY STEEL FORGING MACHINEDSD 080 PINSOUTH AFRICADelhi TKD ICD58855.509901,100PCS53.51Sea
2014-06-3084829900AUTOMOBILE METAL & RUBBER PARTS STUND ENDAUSTRALIADelhi TKD ICD14643.97246.32800NOS18.3Sea
2014-06-3061103010LADIES KNITTED SWEATER MADE OF MANMADE FIBREIRANDelhi TKD ICD4283372.50720505,240PCS817.44Sea
2014-06-3087081010Tractor Parts ( Swivel 03.0051.11.0)ITALYDelhi TKD ICD275068.774626.89562NOS489.45Sea
2014-06-3073071190STEEL CLAMPS GALVANIZED/ ZINC PLATED 3053567SWEDENDelhi TKD ICD44894.94755.172,860PCS15.7Sea
2014-06-3062093000WOVEN KIDS POLYESTER CAPUNITED ARAB EMIRATESDelhi TKD ICD4300196.857233330,780PCS139.71Sea
2014-05-1784133090SPARE PARTS OF MOTORCYCLE - OIL PUMP ASSYSINGAPOREDelhi TKD ICD7137.11120.7653.000PCS134.66Sea
2014-05-1784841090GASKET CLUTCH PLATE SMALL (SCOOTER SPAREPARTS)EGYPTDelhi TKD ICD91361.181545.873,360.000SET27.19Sea
2014-05-1784139190PUMP SPARES:CDO COVERCD 0002S00PSUNITED STATESDelhi TKD ICD4524660.0076559.39336.000NOS13466.25Sea
2014-05-1739094090POWERPLAST RFH RESIN PP-1861 T-HGERMANYDelhi TKD ICD6072652.82102752.1616,000.00KGS379.54Sea
2014-05-1739206210POLYESTER FILMITALYDelhi TKD ICD2462431.5941665.5120,497.00KGS120.14Sea
2014-05-1685113020AUTOMOTIVE IGNITION COIL ASSY. MC-851130-DEIN-01-FK0422-12S (DL3)SLOVENIADelhi TKD ICD5601960.0094787.8214,400.00NOS389.03Sea
2014-05-1639206290POLYESTER METALLISED FILM (ALUMINIUM CAOTED FILM)ITALYDelhi TKD ICD2254112.2338140.6512,159.90KGS185.37Sea
2014-05-1685369090CONNECTORS PTSM 0, 5/2-2GERMANYDelhi TKD ICD242679.694106.2617,710.00PCS13.70Sea
2014-04-0782032000TOOLS & HANDTOOLS-BRUSHTAIWANDelhi TKD ICD13270.05223.211,000.000PCS13.27Sea
2014-04-0787089900TRACTORS SPARE PARTS:BALL JOINTMOROCCODelhi TKD ICD2799.3947.09288.000PCS9.72Sea
2014-04-0728500049HYDRATED LIMESRI LANKADelhi TKD ICD44396.10746.783,480.000KGS12.76Sea
2014-04-0740169990AUTO PARTS -BUSH-1002013PANAMADelhi TKD ICD8323.04140700.000PCS11.89Sea
2014-04-0772199090SS FLAT 100X5MM -100 NOSZIMBABWEDelhi TKD ICD160396.102698760.000KGS211.05Sea
2014-04-0773079990M.S.CONC. REDUCE(44) 250 X200ZIMBABWEDelhi TKD ICD1461.2924.582.000NOS730.65Sea
2014-04-0784212300AUTOMATIVE OIL FILTERS EXL-050UNITED KINGDOMDelhi TKD ICD365206.956143.094,800.000PCS76.08Sea
2014-04-0761099090KNITTED RMG MENS T-SHIRTSUNITED STATESDelhi TKD ICD2041361.3734337.457,272.000PCS280.72Sea
2014-04-0784152090CONDENSER & RD ASSY VA108-A0410GERMANYDelhi TKD ICD2038636.3534291.61960.000NOS2123.58Sea
2014-04-0787149990THREE WHEELER SPARE PARTS - CROSSHONDURASDelhi TKD ICD2778.0946.7360.000PCS46.3Sea
2014-02-28 82055920 HAND TOOLS:- MACHINISTS SCRIBER 7.1/2 (190MM) NEW ZEALAND Delhi TKD ICD 7557.89 122 100 PCS 75.58 Sea
2014-02-28 40169990 RUBBER KIT SPAIN Delhi TKD ICD 90619.76 1462.79 1,200 PCS 75.52 Sea
2014-02-28 87089900 BRAKE PAD (AUTO PARTS )PART NO.PMD782H CHINA Delhi TKD ICD 1691.45 27.3 5.000 SET 338.29 Sea
2014-02-28 10063010 NON - BASMATI RICE 25 KG AUSTRALIA Delhi TKD ICD 52936.23 854.5 1.000 MTS 52936.23 Sea
2014-02-28 39172390 RIGID PVC PIPES-2.9MTRS.(63MM) DJIBOUTI Delhi TKD ICD 284970.00 4600 1,150 NOS 247.8 Sea
2014-02-28 85044090 SPARE PARTS IRAN Delhi TKD ICD 7833.46 126.45 1.000 PCS 7833.46 Sea
2014-02-28 84229090 SPARE PART SEALER BLADE BRAZIL Delhi TKD ICD 30974.98 500 5.000 PCS 6195 Sea
2014-02-28 42029900 BLOTTER LEATHERITE UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Delhi TKD ICD 19447.30 313.92 36.00 NOS 540.2 Sea
2014-02-28 24022010 GFK MD UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Delhi TKD ICD 510707.53 8243.87 240 CTN 2127.95 Sea
2014-02-27 73079190 CARBON STEEL FORGED FLANGES- 24" - 150 # SORF UNITED STATES Delhi TKD ICD 666509.56 10758.83 60.00 PCS 11108.49 Sea
2014-02-27 70200090 H/C ARTISTIC ARTWARE ROPED GLASS GLOBE 7" MALAYSIA Delhi TKD ICD 3531.14 57 3.000 PCS 1177.05 Sea
2014-02-27 63049230 COTTON P/L PRINTED MADEUPS SHAM UNITED STATES Delhi TKD ICD 8195.99 132.3 21.000 PCS 390.29 Sea
2014-02-27 32149090 GP BLACK SRI LANKA Delhi TKD ICD 250477.18 4043.22 3,600 PCS 69.58 Sea
2014-02-27 32149090 GP WHITE SRI LANKA Delhi TKD ICD 208731.02 3369.35 3,000 PCS 69.58 Sea
2014-02-27 40169990 AUTO PARTS -BUSH-1000901 UNITED KINGDOM Delhi TKD ICD 26780.00 432.28 1,000 PCS 26.78 Sea
2014-02-27 40169990 AUTO PARTS -STEP RUBBER -1001188 UNITED KINGDOM Delhi TKD ICD 20600.02 332.53 200.00 PCS 103 Sea
2014-02-27 32149090 GP CLEAR SRI LANKA Delhi TKD ICD 313096.50 5054.02 4,500 PCS 69.58 Sea
2014-02-26 87089900 BRAKE PAD (AUTO PARTS )PART NO.51938384B44 DENMARK Delhi TKD ICD 20285.57 327.45 45.000 SET 450.79 Sea
2014-02-26 91052900 IMP. CLOCK MOVEMENT VIDE BE NO.2096981 DT10.05.13 AUSTRALIA Delhi TKD ICD 27505.77 444 48.000 PCS 573.04 Sea
2014-02-26 90183910 INTERMITTENT CATHETER KIT (PART NO. B14F) UNITED STATES Delhi TKD ICD 6686050.39 107926.56 72,000 NOS 92.86 Sea
2014-01-08 85299090 DVD PARTS: ASSY PCB SMPS;BD-E5300/XL SRI LANKA Delhi TKD ICD 346.00 5.64 1.000 NOS 346 Sea
2014-01-08 85442090 CONTROL CABLES - 2000722 SOUTH AFRICA Delhi TKD ICD 1032.57 16.83 20.000 PCS 51.63 Sea
2014-01-08 29241900 AZODICARBONAMIDE UNITED STATES Delhi TKD ICD 3273881.40 53364 13,500 KGS 242.51 Sea
2014-01-08 85365090 AUTOMOTIVE SPARE PARTS:215-DNS- - DANGER SWITCH AB--2010-77 PERU Delhi TKD ICD 9079.84 148 200.00 PCS 45.4 Sea
2014-01-08 85369030 AUTO & ELECTRICAL PARTS:-- CONNECTOR FB BAHRAIN Delhi TKD ICD 465.99 7.6 2.000 PCS 233 Sea
2014-01-07 10063020 BASMATI RICE 4X5KG AUSTRALIA Delhi TKD ICD 302614.83 4932.6 2.000 MTS 151307.42 Sea
2014-01-07 85361090 BUSH PART NO. BU 1018 FINLAND Delhi TKD ICD 3789.06 61.76 50.000 NOS 75.78 Sea
2014-01-07 85332919 EB WELDED STRIP SIZE 0.73X14.70 MM TAIWAN Delhi TKD ICD 921714.42 15023.87 530.00 KGS 1739.08 Sea
2014-01-07 85365090 Glow plug switch POLAND Delhi TKD ICD 104908.48 1710 1,000 PCS 104.91 Sea
2014-01-07 29061100 MENTHOL SINGAPORE Delhi TKD ICD 13650375.00 222500 14,400 KGS 947.94 Sea
2013-10-0719019010DRIED MALT EXTRACT POWDER MEP/108/08/KH.KUWAITDelhi TKD ICD540905.008788.063.000MTS180301.67Sea
2013-10-0729049090HYDROXY NMPPISRAELDelhi TKD ICD7570040.78122990.1451.000KGS16785.01Sea
2013-10-0529093090ESTRAGOLE (940108)CHINADelhi TKD ICD207765.253375.55180.000KGS1154.25Sea
2013-10-0519019010MALT EXTRACTSRI LANKADelhi TKD ICD149545.802429.663,600.00KGS41.54Sea
2013-10-0584149090DRAIN PLUG 76WC (SPARES FOR COMPRESSOR)KENYADelhi TKD ICD4903.1979.663.000NOS1634.4Sea
2013-10-0585014010SINGLE PHASE MOTOR1/ 4HP, 850RPM,MALAYSIADelhi TKD ICD592862.009632.2200.000NOS2964.31Sea
2013-10-048516800061/0-PTFE/ PVC/I/H/W/ A/C/M/O/M/F/ F/H/O/D/4 M 600 WATT FLOOR HEATING MAT (Magnum Mats)NETHERLANDSDelhi TKD ICD311351.775058.52400.000SQM778.38Sea
2013-10-0419041090MUMTAZ SAMOLINA (SOOJI) (1 KG POLYTHIN PACKING)SINGAPOREDelhi TKD ICD35679.92579.691,000.00KGS35.68Sea
2013-10-0329369000VITAMIN PREMIX- JUNIOR HORLICKS (EACH CONTAINING 5 KG)BANGLADESHDelhi TKD ICD236661.633771.530.000NOS7888.72Sea
2013-10-0319053219GULKAND (CONDIMENT) JAR 1 KG (WE INTEND TO CLAIM CH-3 BENEFITS)AUSTRALIADelhi TKD ICD52117.25830.55420.000PCS124.09Sea
2013-10-0185044090POWER SUPPLY MODULE. CM 1.7A DC MODELNUMBER -11-05-500187-1. P/NO. 40071360340GERMANYDelhi TKD ICD4059675.6064696.03800.000PCS5074.59Sea
2013-10-0129061100MENTHOLSINGAPOREDelhi TKD ICD14504035.0023114014,400KGS1007.22Sea
2004-02-0762114300100% Polyester Woven Readymade Other Outer Garment Top (Tunique)BelgiumDelhi Tkd Icd1745023860.66707PCS246.82Sea
2004-02-0510063020Brand Sella Basmati Rice In 40lbs Jute Packing Pkd In Jute BagsCanadaDelhi Tkd Icd5429421201220.02MTS27120Sea
2004-02-0356089020Jute BagsSpainDelhi Tkd Icd1036272292.644984PCS20.792Sea
2004-02-0310063010Indian Long Grain Non Basmati Rice Crop 2000 Packing In New Printed Jute BagsMauritiusDelhi Tkd Icd77227.41708.574TON19306.8Sea
2004-01-3110063020Indian Non Basmati Rice Packed In 10 Kgs Jute BagsCyprusDelhi Tkd Icd73158.91611.436MTS12193.1Sea
2004-01-3057050019Handmade Jute Wool DhurriesUnited StatesDelhi Tkd Icd43584960960PCS45.4Sea
2004-01-2963051010Empty Jute BagsKuwaitDelhi Tkd Icd10820.1238.3281050BAG10.3048Sea
2004-01-2936050010Jute Bags With LaminationItalyDelhi Tkd Icd50053.51102.51050PCS47.67Sea
2004-01-2942022230Jute Items With Ldpe Liner Jute BagsUnited Arab EmiratesDelhi Tkd Icd8444.38186200PCS42.2219Sea
2004-01-2863051090Jute Bags (Medium)ItalyDelhi Tkd Icd11552.8254.467408PCS28.3157Sea
2004-01-2752071000100% Cotton Yarn Combed Raw White Hosiery Yarn Waxed Ne 16/1MauritiusDelhi Tkd Icd1356.2529.873310KGS135.625Sea
2004-01-2785319000Cosmetic Soap Machnies & Raw Material Foil Sealing MachineUgandaDelhi Tkd Icd86260.219004NOS21565.1Sea
2004-01-1939042210Vinyl(Pvc) Floor Covering With Jute Backing Thickness 1.5mmSaudi ArabiaDelhi Tkd Icd550929121356200MTR88.8595Sea
2004-01-1710063020Indian Basmati Rice Packing 860 Single New Jute Bags Of 25kgs I.O.Norms No E38SingaporeDelhi Tkd Icd4160959165.0921.5MTS19353.3Sea
2004-01-1763051020Premium Long Grain Rice (Non Basmati) Packing In Jute BagsKuwaitDelhi Tkd Icd4238109335.0221.015MTS20167Sea
2004-01-1710063020Sion No.E38:-indian Bellam Rice Crystal Brand (Basmati Rice) Packed In 45 Kg New Double Jute BagsOmanDelhi Tkd Icd4519839955.5720.97MTS21553.8Sea
2004-01-1710063020Indian Long Grain Parboiled (Sella) Rice Pkd In Jute Bags (Sion No.E-38)RussiaDelhi Tkd Icd309855682521MTS14755Sea
2004-01-1610063020Indian Steam Non Basmati Rice Pkd In Jute Bags(Sion No. E38)United Arab EmiratesDelhi Tkd Icd4351079583.8523.985MTS18140.8Sea
2004-01-1453109099Jute Wall HangingSpainDelhi Tkd Icd12487.5275.055185PCS67.5001Sea
2004-01-145303101030%jute 20%rayon 50%cotton Handmade Rugs Dia 140 CmsJapanDelhi Tkd Icd40503.9892.15640PCS1012.6Sea
2004-01-135702313020% Cotton 80% Jute Printed Floor Rugs Dn-13895a 60x90cmsSouth AfricaDelhi Tkd Icd30418670500PCS60.836Sea
2004-01-1257023920Hessian Madeups Items Jute/Hesstaan/H/L RugsUnited StatesDelhi Tkd Icd1125712479.55500PCS225.143Sea
2004-01-0912074010Packed In Jute Bags Packing Material Indian Basmati RiceOmanDelhi Tkd Icd4345149570.7824.375MTS17826.2Sea
2004-01-0907133200Processed Pulses (Kabuli Channa) I/O Norms-e-36packed In Jute BagsThailandDelhi Tkd Icd676261489.564.5MTS15028Sea
2004-01-0812074010Hulled Sesame SeedNetherlandsDelhi Tkd Icd86612119077.6181.44QTL4773.6Sea
2004-01-0710063020Basmati Rice Packed In 8x10 Lbs Jute Bag S (Sion No E-38)United StatesDelhi Tkd Icd1479343258.455.013MTS29510Sea
2004-01-0610063020Sion No-e38 Indian Long Finest Basmati Rice Grain/Mughal Mahal's Brand Pkd In M Aster Jute BagsKuwaitDelhi Tkd Icd4855531069521MTS23121.6Sea
2004-01-0510063020"gold Rose Brand" Indian Raw Basmati Rice I/O Norm E-38 Packed In Jute Bags In (50kg Nett EachCyprusDelhi Tkd Icd7366151622521MTS35076.9Sea
2004-01-0510063020"gold Rose Brand" Indian Raw Basmati Rice I/O Norm E-38 Packed In Jute Bags In (50kg Nett EachCyprusDelhi Tkd Icd7366151622521MTS35076.9Sea
2004-01-0563052000100% Cotton With Jute Trimming P/Loom BagUnited StatesDelhi Tkd Icd72812.51603.8324PCS224.73Sea
2004-01-0563051030Jute BagsFranceDelhi Tkd Icd78451.21728480PCS163.44Sea
2004-01-0310063020Sion No E-38 Haryali Brand Indian Sela Basmati Rice Long Grain Grade Pkd In 10kg Jute BagsAustraliaDelhi Tkd Icd15890035005MTS31780Sea
2004-01-0373239990H/C Of Iron Artware Enamel PotUnited StatesDelhi Tkd Icd7170931579552650PCS13.62Sea
2004-01-0310063020Basmati Rice Packed In 3800 Bags Of 4x4. 54kg Jute Bags Sion No E 38CanadaDelhi Tkd Icd60865113406.43800BAG160.171Sea
2004-01-0312074010Hulled Sesame SeedIsraelDelhi Tkd Icd9661122128019MTS50848Sea
2004-01-0310063020Indian Raw Basmati Rice Rose Brand Pkd I N 4x5kg Jute Bags=20kg M.Jute Bags Sion No E38South AfricaDelhi Tkd Icd6866751512521.5MTS31938.4Sea
2004-01-0310063020Indian Raw Basmati Rice Rose Brand Pkd I N 4x5kg Jute Bags=20kg M.Jute Bags Sion No E38South AfricaDelhi Tkd Icd6866751512521.5MTS31938.4Sea
2004-01-0310063020Indian Basmati Rice Raw Rozana Brand Factory Stuffing Pkd In 25 Kgs Net New Jute Bags Sion NoMauritiusDelhi Tkd Icd9077731999543MTS21111Sea
2004-01-0310063020Indian Basmati Rice Raw Rozana Brand Factory Stuffing Pkd In 25 Kgs Net New Jute Bags Sion NoMauritiusDelhi Tkd Icd9077731999543MTS21111Sea
2004-01-0310063020Empty Printed Jute Bags Ars Long GrainUnited KingdomDelhi Tkd Icd7945.17175.0045BUN1589.03Sea
2004-01-0257050039Jute Rugs. Jute Rugs(New )-130x210ItalyDelhi Tkd Icd68915.17622.73SQM252.381Sea
2004-01-0210063010Indian Basmati Rice Packed In 25 Kgs (5 Kgs X 5) Jute Bags (Sion No E38)AustraliaDelhi Tkd Icd64643814238.718MTS35913.2Sea
2004-02-1110063020Each Jute Bag Contains 4x10lbs Parboiled Basmati RiceUnited StatesDelhi Tkd Icd49670.31098.91.998MTS24860Sea
2004-02-1162114210Cotton P/L Readymade Children (Bermuda) Cotton P/L Children Outer GarmentFranceDelhi Tkd Icd68415115136.12740PCS249.69Sea
2004-02-1263051020Jute BagsSpainDelhi Tkd Icd6780150150PCS45.2Sea
2004-02-1246012010Machine Made Jute/Cotton Braided MatsUnited StatesDelhi Tkd Icd16285.5360.315PCS1085.7Sea
2004-02-1363041990Textile Articals Jute/Hemp Handloom Durries Jute/Hemp 140x200PortugalDelhi Tkd Icd1383933061.8162PCS854.28Sea
2004-02-1610063020Indian Long Grain Basmati Parboiled Rice Pkd In 2 Kg Jute Bags (2 Kgx10 Bags )sion E 38JordanDelhi Tkd Icd1729983827.46MTS28833.1Sea
2004-02-1710063020Deepak Brand Indian Basmati Rice Pkd In Jute Bag Repkd Pp Bag(Sion No E-38)CanadaDelhi Tkd Icd3048406744.269.1MTS33498.9Sea
2004-02-1773239490Decoration Items Shirts Steel Kitchen Wa Re Cosmetic Items & Food Items Etc Detai S As Per Inv Ttl QUgandaDelhi Tkd Icd46477.41028.261LOT46477.4Sea
2004-02-2110063090Nuri Brand Basmati Rice With Max 5 Percent Broken Crop 2002 Packed In 20 Kg Jute BagsMauritiusDelhi Tkd Icd4442089827.621.2MTS20953.2Sea

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