Global Export Import Trade Data

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  • Data Post 2004-2006 will be as per Customs Notification No 128/2004.
  • Global Export Import Trade Data from Customs of US, UK, India and China 
  • Compiled from Bill of Lading Invoices, Bills of Entry, Invoices, Shipping Bills, EDI Systems 
  • Shipping Manifests and Ports

Export Import Sample Data

India Importers Data India Imports Data
India Garment Importers
India Food Importers
India Furniture Importers
India Textile Importers
India Electronic Importers
                                               More ...      
India Exporters Data India Exports Data
Indian Machinery Exporters
Indian Handicraft Exporters
Indian Food Exporters
Indian Garment Exporters
Indian Furniture Exporters
                                                     More ...
USa Importers  Data US Imports  Data
US Apparel Fashion Importers
US Automotive Importers
US Leather Importers
US Chemicals Importers
US Computers & IT Importers
                                                 More ...
UK Importers Data U.K. Imports Data
UK Leather Importers
UK Apparel Fashion Importers
UK Jewellery Importers
UK Furniture Importers
UK Chemicals Importers
                                                       More ...
China Exporters  Data China Exports Data
Chinese Textile Fabric Exporters
Chinese Electronic Exporters
Chinese Chemical Exporters
Chinese Mushrooms Exporters
Chinese Woven Fabrics Exporters
                                                More ...
<a href='/china-imports-trade-data.aspx'>China Importers</a> Data China Imports Data
Chinese Beech Wood Importers
Chinese Iron Ores Importers
Chinese Synthetic Product Importers
Chinese Photovoltaic Cells Importers
Chinese  Machines Importers
                                                       More ...

Srilanka Exporters Data Sri Lanka Exports Data
Srilanka Food Exporters
Srilanka Plastic Exporters
Srilanka Leather Exporters
Srilanka Handicrafts Exporters
Srilanka Rubber Exporters
                                                More ...

Srilanka Importers Data Sri Lanka Imports Data
Srilanka Rice Importers
Srilanka Diamonds Importers
Srilanka Palm Oil Importers
Srilanka Wheat Importers
Srilanka Leather Importers
                                                      More ...
Russia Exporters Data Russia Exports Data
Russian Lumber Exporters
Russian Plywood Exporters
Russian Saw Log Exporters
Russian Chocolate Exporters
Russian Paper Exporters
                                                More ...
<a href='/russia-imports-trade-data.aspx'>Russia Importers</a> Data Russia Imports Data
Russian Electronic Importers
Russian Plastic Importers
Russian Furniture Importers
Russian Spare Parts Importers
Russian Steel Importers
                                                       More ...
Colombia Exporters Data Colombia Exports Data 
Colombian Leather Exporters
Colombian Coal Exporters
Colombian Chemical Exporters
Colombian Textile Exporters
Colombian Furniture Exporters
                                               More ...
Colombia Exporters Data Colombia Imports Data 
Colombian Chemicals Importers
Colombian Copper Importers
Colombian Medicine Importers
Colombian Plastic Materials Importers
Colombian Fabric Importers
                                                        More ...
Chile Exporters Data Chile Exports Data 
Chilean Copper Exporters
Chilean Food Exporters
Chilean Fish Exporters
Chilean Furniture Exporters
Chilean Machine Exporters
                                               More ...
Chile Importers Data Chile Imports Data
Chilean Watches  Importers
Chilean Furniture Importers
Chilean Carpet Importers
Chilean Hand Bag Importers
Chilean Garment Importers
                                                       More ...
Peru Exporters Data Peru Exports Data
Peruvian Chemicals Exporters
Peruvian Electrical Exporters
Peruvian Leather  Exporters
Peruvian Plastic Exporters
Peruvian Textile Exporters

                                              More ...
Peru Importers Data Peru Imports Data
Peruvian Live Animal Importers
Peruvian Animal Meat Importers
Peruvian Horses Importers
Peruvian Milk & Cream Importers
Peruvian Salted Fish Importers
                                                       More ...
Argentina Exporters Data Argentina Exports Data
Argentina Chemical Exporters
Argentina Leather Exporters
Argentina Electronic Exporters
Argentina Plastic Exporters
Argentina Printed Book Exporters

Argentina Importers Data Argentina Imports Data 
Argentina Food Importers
Argentina Furniture Importers
Argentina Machine Importers
Argentina Chemical Importers
Argentina Plastic Importers
                                                     More ...
Uruguay Exporters Data Uruguay Exports Data
Uruguay Iron Steel Exporters
Uruguay Machine Exporters
Uruguay Wool Exporters
Uruguay Plastic Exporters
Uruguay Textile Exporters
                                                   More ...
Uruguay Importers Data Uruguay Imports Data
Uruguay Food Importers
Uruguay Garment Importers
Uruguay Automobiles Importers
Uruguay Machine Importers
Uruguay Footwear Importers

Competitive Export Import Trade Intelligence.

InfodriveIndia provides confidential business information based on International Trade data to its clients.

With the help of actual trade shipment data from customs of US, UK,  China, we are able to accurately identify
actual buyers, sellers, importers , exporters, prices, volumes.

Our Global data Reports tell you who is Exporting Importing, at what Rates, from Where and what Volumes. You can
find, analyze, compare active Exporters Importers , buyers , manufacturers , suppliers New emerging markets,
New Sources of Purchases, and performance of Competitors.

Infodrive India is the leading export import data research company. We provide trade data reports on all export import
products. With business and international network of export import data sources,  we have made
many dreams come true of our clients.

International Export Import Market Research

Report for clients is prepared, based on a combination of Multiple Product Keywords, Harmonized Code
(HS Code) to give pinpointed trade information.

The databases we use are based on actual shipments Export Import Shipments, sourced from Bill of Lading , Export
general Manifest, Import General Manifest, Shipping Bills, Invoices, Bills of Entry, Ams data and Customs EDI systems.

With service and more then 16,000 clients all over the world we have the necessary experience,
infrastructure and professional team to deliver as your needs.

Call us or email us now to find how can we help you

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Global Export Import Trade Data from Customs of US, UK, India , US Importers data, UK Importers Data, Chinese Exporters Importers Data, Indian Exporters Importers Data.
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