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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionForeign CountryIndia PortValue INRValue USDQtyUnitMode
24-Nov-20158483900040355 - Worm gear MX3.55 Z29 SA57 (GEAR MOTOR PARTS) (ACTUAL USER)GermanyJnpt47248.63708.3818PcsSea
24-Nov-20158483900045888 - Worm gear S37/SF37 i=135 (GEAR MOTOR PARTS) (ACTUAL USER)GermanyJnpt22734.78340.8516PcsSea
24-Nov-20158483900040266 - WORM GEAR MX2.90 Z29 SF47 (FOR GEAR ENGINE) (ACTUAL USER)GermanyMadras Air24242.76363.4611PcsAir
24-Nov-2015848310990004038X - Worm S67/SF67/SA67 i=42 (GEAR MOTOR PARTS) (ACTUAL USER)GermanyJnpt40938.92613.7816PcsSea
24-Nov-201584834000(PARTS OF ACCESSORIES) WORM GEARHong KongDelhi Air2340.1735.0910PcsAir
24-Nov-20158483900060571560 WORM WHEEL Z=80 I =80,00 SK 1SI50 (PART OF GEAR BOX)GermanyJnpt9573.53143.5310PcsSea
24-Nov-201584834000WORM GEAR BOX : SBWG-04-1SA L/D:135Republic Of KoreaMadras Sea1059345.215882.2438NosSea
24-Nov-201584834000R000017421 WORM GEAR REDUCER CAT. A04 R V 50 UO3A / 25 [PARTFOR GEARMOTOR]ItalyMadras Air7831.77117.421NosAir
24-Nov-201584834000WORM GEAR BOX : BWG-07-1SDA L/D:17Republic Of KoreaMadras Sea88847.721332.051NosSea
24-Nov-20158483900040649-WORM WHEEL MX4.75 Z27 SA67 (FOR GEAR ENGINE) ( ACTUALUSER)GermanyMadras Sea19799.89296.855PcsSea
24-Nov-201584834000WORM GEAR BOX : BWG-06-1SDA L/D:17Republic Of KoreaMadras Sea126026.061889.452NosSea
24-Nov-20158483900045853-WORM MX2.60 Z5 S37 (FOR GEAR ENGINE) ( ACTUALUSER)GermanyMadras Sea48890.9773330PcsSea
24-Nov-201584834000WORM GEAR BOX : SBWG-35-1SA L/D:120Republic Of KoreaMadras Sea19197.89287.821NosSea
24-Nov-201584834000WORM GEAR BOX : SBWG-35-1SA L/D:120Republic Of KoreaMadras Sea19197.89287.821NosSea
24-Nov-201584834000WORM GEAR BOX : BWG-04-1SDA L/D:135Republic Of KoreaMadras Sea57236.76858.122NosSea
24-Nov-20158483900060576260 WORM Z=1 I=80,00 SK 1SI50 (PART OF GEAR BOX)GermanyJnpt8031.05120.4110PcsSea
24-Nov-201584834000WORM GEAR BOX : BWG-07-1SDA L/D:17Republic Of KoreaMadras Sea88847.721332.051NosSea
24-Nov-201584834000WORM GEAR BOX : SBWG-04-1SA L/D:135Republic Of KoreaMadras Sea75926.321138.333NosSea
24-Nov-20158483900040215 - Worm S47/SF47/SA47 i=145 (GEAR MOTOR PARTS) (ACTUAL USER)GermanyJnpt41754.262624PcsSea
24-Nov-201584834000WORM GEAR BOX SBWG-BFA L/D:80 & MARINE DUTYRepublic Of KoreaMadras Air421859.386324.7380NosAir
24-Nov-20158483900040789-WORM WHEEL MX5.30 Z40 SA87[FOR GEAR ENGINE] ( ACTUAL USER)GermanyMadras Sea65164.89976.985PcsSea
24-Nov-20158483900060476280 WORM Z=1 I=50,00 SK 1SI40 (PART OF GEAR BOX)GermanyJnpt7096.87106.410PcsSea
24-Nov-20158483900040711-WORM WHEEL MX4.35 Z40 SA77 (FOR GEAR ENGINE) ( ACTUALUSER)GermanyMadras Sea20675.3309.973PcsSea
24-Nov-20158483900060471580 WORM WHEEL Z=50 I=50,00 SK 1SI40 (PART OF GEAR BOX)GermanyJnpt5844.0587.6210PcsSea
24-Nov-20158483900040398 - Worm S67/SF67/SA67 i=145 (GEAR MOTOR PARTS) (ACTUAL USER)GermanyJnpt30704.19460.3312PcsSea
24-Nov-20158483900060270020 WORM PINION Z=3 I=10.67 (PART OF GEAR BOX)GermanyBombay Air912.4513.681PcsAir
24-Nov-201584834000WORM GEAR BOX : SBWG-04-1SMRepublic Of KoreaMadras Sea221159.743315.748NosSea
24-Nov-20158483900040304 - Worm S57/SF57/SA57 i=145 (GEAR MOTOR PARTS) (ACTUAL USER)GermanyJnpt50454.45756.4424PcsSea
24-Nov-201584834000(PARTS OF ACCESSORIES) WORM GEARHong KongDelhi Air133.7224PcsAir
24-Nov-20158483900060571600 WORM WHEEL Z=30 I=30,00 SK 1SI50 (PART OF GEAR BOX)GermanyJnpt10406.32156.0210PcsSea
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During 26-Oct-2015 to 24-Nov-2015, India imported Worm-Gear worth USD 766,640. Germany is the largest supplier of Worm-Gear accounting for imports worth USD 253,034 followed by Republic Of Korea and Japan which exported Worm-Gear worth USD 205,339 and USD 81,210 respectively.

Madras Sea accounted for 31% of import followed by Jnpt and Madras Air which account for 22% and 12% of imports respectively.

Average value per shipment of Worm-Gear imports in India is USD 42,591.

Total import shipments of Worm-Gear reported were 370 during this period.

Average price per Nos was USD 2.04, average price per Pcs was USD 3.13, average price per Unt was USD 10.15.

InfodriveIndia provides latest Worm-Gear Import in India and statistics from India import shipment data from Indian Customs. InfodriveIndia covers Worm-Gear Import in India shipments in 174+ ports in India and data is available with a backlog of just 3 days. Data is available online, by email and on CD in MS Excel. Data post 2004 will be based on Customs Notification no 128/2004. Worm-Gear Import in India

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Worm-Gear import Shipment Break Up - by Value
HS Code
84834000 $451470.76
84839000 $104519.23
84831099 $66096.32
84835090 $49136.7
84836090 $16298.39
85013119 $16298.14
82090090 $11996.86
84254900 $6686.18
85015290 $5508.61
84779000 $4290.78
85011020 $3652.07
85015220 $3332.23
85030021 $3331.29
68042290 $3277.71
84669390 $2891.39
73181500 $2660.14
84619000 $2539.35
85011012 $1889.62
84135090 $1863.8
85015190 $1744.49
84484990 $1546.77
85389000 $991.66
84799040 $842.61
84559000 $745.66
85030090 $653.15
84483990 $571.32
84209900 $484.8
82057000 $473.92
84821090 $398.96
84669310 $234.1
90279090 $82.09
84679200 $49.51
83024190 $36.13
84529099 $19.15
73269099 $18.08
84663090 $6.86
85087000 $1.6
Country of Origin
Germany $253034.3
Republic Of Korea $205338.84
Japan $81209.62
Italy $67930.37
United States Of America $66795.61
China $34980.48
Austria $30070.92
Sweden $5594.73
Netherlands $5569.07
Taiwan $4370.97
Switzerland $3716.83
United Kingdom $3265.68
Spain $2290.67
New Zealand $1120.28
France $653.01
Slovakia $638.7
Hong Kong $37.09
Thailand $23.26
Port of Destination
Madras Sea $237472.68
Jnpt $168819.37
Madras Air $91602.82
Calcutta Sea $64310.9
Delhi Tkd Icd $60469
Bombay Air $38635.17
Bangalore Air $32163.62
Delhi Air $25818.95
Ahmedabad Icd $18074.06
Dadri Cgml $11932.43
Hyderabad Air $6957.08
Bangalore Icd $4290.78
Gurgaon Icd $3331.29
Ahmedabad Air $2024.43
Delhi Ppg Icd $503.95
Calcutta Air $233.9
Nos $375669.35
Pcs $244841.03
Unt $75505.47
Set $67726.39
Kgs $2898.19

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