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    India Import Data

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    Import Activity Report

    DateHS CodeIndia Importer NameCityProduct DescriptionPort of DestinationCountry of OriginAss'ble Value in INR(RS)Ass'ble Value in USDQTYUnitUnit Rate (INR)
    2016-07-30 85369090 Not Available Not Available PLC-BSC- 24DC/21 (CONNECTOR) INDUSTRIAL USE ONLY Delhi Air Germany 1,061,663.57 15,578.34 10,090.00 Pcs 105.22
    2016-07-30 95030030 Not Available Not Available DOLL 360-1 (PLASTIC TOYS) Calcutta Sea China 122,263.52 1,794.04 1,080.00 Pcs 113.21
    2016-07-30 85369090 Not Available Not Available CONNECTOR (E001-X338)(1-967584-3)( SWITCH PARTS)(ACTUAL USER:CEX.REG.NO:AAACT6768MXM001) Madras Air United Arab Emirates 173,768.77 2,549.80 2,200.00 Pcs 78.99
    2016-07-30 95030030 Not Available Not Available YJ-3003 TOY SERIES [TOYS] Jnpt China 176,709.77 2,592.95 2,400.00 Pcs 73.63
    2016-07-30 95030030 Not Available Not Available BS3768S TOY KEYBOARD [TOYS] Jnpt China 389,829.98 5,720.18 4,464.00 Pcs 87.33
    2016-07-30 85369090 Not Available Not Available CONNECTOR 897627760 (FOR CAPATIVE CONSUMPTION) Delhi Air China 253,203.44 3,715.38 2,000.00 Nos 126.60
    2016-07-30 95030030 Not Available Not Available PLASTIC TOY - AIR HOVER TABLE TOP FOOTBALL (PS 19) (BRAND PLAY SMART). Jnpt China 253,491.47 3,719.61 1,800.00 Pcs 140.83
    2016-07-30 85369090 Not Available Not Available TERMINAL BPK518NL 12999B( CONTACT ELEMENT FOR WIRE HARNESS )( CAPTIVE CONSUMPTION ) Madras Sea Japan 124,629.57 1,828.75 1,800.00 Pcs 69.24
    2016-06-30 38231900 Not Available Not Available DISTILLED FATTY ACID (C12-C18) Jnpt Indonesia 33,083,554.01 486,165.38 399.96 Mts 82,717.16
    2016-06-30 38231900 Not Available Not Available LIPOLAN T-24H70 (COPOLYMER OFA LOW STYRENE BUTADIENE-AQUEOUS DISPERSION (FLEXITANK) Jnpt Germany 1,771,473.65 26,031.94 19,980.00 Kgs 88.66
    2016-06-30 85182900 Not Available Not Available SPEAKER L0EYAA000086 FOR TV (FTA NO. KL-2016-AI-21-007910) Noida Dadri Icd Malaysia 1,324,922.96 19,469.85 10,240.00 Pcs 129.39
    2016-05-3139269099Not AvailableNot AvailablePVC DECORATION (UNBRANDED)Delhi AirChina51,547.88757.5010,000.00Pcs5.15
    2016-05-3139269099Not AvailableNot AvailableM300-A L/GATE CHEVROLET (PLASTIC EMBLEMS) 95328077 FOR MOTOR VEHICLE (CAPTIVE CONSUMPTION)JnptRepublic Of Korea796,145.0711,699.415,400.00Pcs147.43
    2016-05-3139269099Not AvailableNot AvailableSHEET-PU FOAM (BN63-15764A) (40K5500, PU FOAM, T0.5, W57.0) (PARTS FOR CTV) (FOR CAPTIVE CONSUMPTION)Dadri Sttpl CfsRepublic Of Korea5,759.6884.642,000.00Pcs2.88
    2016-05-3139269099Not AvailableNot Available(ELECTRICAL ENCLOSURE & ACCESSORIES) 4712012 EKI 64/40T COVER (QTY 237 PCS)JnptFinland191,823.862,818.87372.09Kgs515.53
    2016-05-3139269099Not AvailableNot Available(ELECTRICAL ENCLOSURE & ACCESSORIES) 4712012 EKI 64/40T COVER (QTY 200 PCS)JnptFinland115,796.061,701.63314.00Kgs368.78
    2016-05-3139269099Not AvailableNot AvailableINSULATOR (PART NO: MEV65112402)JnptRepublic Of Korea7,393.03108.64200.00Nos36.97
    2016-05-3196061010Not AvailableNot AvailableSNAP FASTENERSBangalore AirTaiwan994.3214.61162.00Set6.14
    2016-05-3139269099Not AvailableNot Available(ELECTRICAL ENCLOSURE & ACCESSORIES) 6083334 ABS 150/100 XHG ENCLOSURE (QTY 117 NUM)JnptFinland26,261.48385.9136.86Kgs712.47
    2016-05-3139269099Not AvailableNot AvailableVALVE BODY (PART NO-RG1580/0003) CAPTIVE USE,CKD CONDITION, INDUSTRIAL USE)PNEUMATIC COMPONENTDelhi AirItaly3,949.9158.0425.00Nos158.00
    2006-01-0215179010 Not AvailableNot AvailableBAKER DELIGHT BRAND BAKERY SHORTENING PACKED IN POLY LINED CARTONS @15 Madras Sea SRI LANKA 2073739.59 45727.44 64.800 MTS 32002.15
    2006-01-0238231900 Not Available Not Available MIXED ACID OIL Delhi TKD ICD MALAYSIA 317052.11 6991.23 37.000 MTS 8568.98
    2006-01-0260039000 Not AvailableNot AvailableSTOCK LOT OF POLYESTER KNITTED FABRIC OF DIFFERENT WEIGHT AN D COLORS Delhi TKD ICD CHINA 1026970.90 22645.44 16486.20KGS 62.29
    2006-01-0284172000 Not AvailableNot Available ONE REVENT OVEN MODEL 726 DIESEL BENTONE DIESEL BURNER (BAKERY MACHINE Madras Sea SWEDEN 418302.21 9223.86 1.000 UNT 418302.21
    2006-01-0215162019 Not AvailableNot AvailableDUKES BRAND VANASPATHI Madras Sea MALAYSIA 3431960.80 75677.20 130.993 MTS 26199.60
    2006-01-0221069099 Not Available Not Available FOOD STUFF WHIP TOPPING BASE 4032 Bombay Air UNITED STATES 49437.78 1090.14 318.182 KGS 155.38
    2006-01-0394036000 Not AvailableNot Available TPE 2 BEACH BUNGLOW BED DBB01 SIZE TO BE MATTRESS FIT 6FEET6INCHES WID Madras Sea INDONESIA 16588.37 365.79 1.000 NOS 16588.37
    2005-01-0294039000Not AvailableNot Available18" SMALL SLIDE FOR DRAWERS (WHEEL TYPE)Madras SeaCHINA82391.761872.549000.000SET9.15
    2005-01-0207032000Not AvailableNot AvailableFRESH GARLICMadras SeaCHINA141070.343206.149.920MTS14220.80
    2005-01-0238249032Not AvailableNot AvailablePRE CALCINED FERRITE POWDER GRADE Z23RMadras SeaJAPAN 236113.515366.222000.000KGS118.06
    2005-01-0285411000Not AvailableNot AvailableDIODE BZW06-20Delhi AirTHAILAND3062.5669.60200.000NOS15.31
    2005-01-0290183930Not AvailableNot AvailablePTFE TUBE CLEAR L-61MM 18G(PARTS OF I.V.CANNULA)Delhi AirTHAILAND16818.48382.2425000PCS0.67
    2005-01-0233029090Not AvailableNot AvailablePERFUME PINE TBC 164376 (SYNTHETIC PERFUMERY COMPOUND)Delhi AirSINGAPORE95190.482163.42180.000KGS528.84
    2005-01-0290181910Not Available.Not Available05478 D944S BCD 4:1 BLOOD CARDIOPLEGIA DELIVERY (ACCESSORY OF HEART LUNG M/C)Delhi AirITALY402954.059158.05150.000NOS2686.36
    2005-01-0285422990Not AvailableNot AvailableINTEGRATED CIRCUIT (L7915CV ST)Delhi AirKOREA,
    2005-01-0285182900Not AvailableNot AvailableCONTROL 25 5-25 2 WAY W/HORN (SPEAKER)Delhi AirCHINA54213.731232.1316.000NOS3388.36
    2005-01-0285422990Not AvailableNot AvailableIC TDA9370PSDelhi AirTAIWAN873334.8119848.525000.000PCS174.67
    2005-01-0290189031Not AvailableNot AvailableDIALOG +DIALYSIS MACHINE (HAEMODIALYSIS MACHINE)LIST 37 S.N.9Delhi AirGERMANY1181701.0126856.842.000NOS590850.51
    2005-01-0257023190Not AvailableNot AvailableWOLL RIPS (CARPET)Delhi AirGERMANY106556.092421.7357.000SQM1869.41
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