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Indian exporters of Hcl Ephedrine Exporters and directory of Hcl Ephedrine Exporters Manufacturers, Suppliers in India

Active Indian Exporters of Hcl Ephedrine Exporters ! Authentic Indian exporters directory of Hcl Ephedrine Exporters based on actual export shipments cleared by Indian customs. Exporters List is complied from Hcl Ephedrine Exporters shipping bills passed by India customs and is the most authentic suppliers list available for Indian Hcl Ephedrine Exporters market. Please contact us on below mentioned phone nos for a free list of  Hcl Ephedrine Exporters exporters in India. Data post 2004 will be based on Customs Notification no 128/2004.

Emmellen Biotech Pharmaceuticals Limited
Address - 501, Sentinel, Hiranandani Gardens
DateHS CodeProduct Exported India PortForeign CountryForeign Port QuantityUnit
23-09-200429394120A-214 EPHEDRINE HCL BPBombay AirKenyaNairobi100Kgs
30-09-200429394120A-214 /EPHEDRINE HCL USPBombay AirCanadaToronto500Kgs
10-06-200430039011EPHEDRINE HCL USPBombay AirUnited States Of AmericaNew York30Kgs
16-06-200430039011EPHEDRINE HCL BPBombay AirKenyaNairobi100Kgs
11-10-200430039011EPHEDRINE HCL USPBombay AirSwitzerlandZurich5Kgs
19-10-200429394120A-214 EPHEDRINE HCL USP B.NO.107604, M.DT:AUG-2004, E.DT:JULY- 2009. M.LIC.NO.120Bombay AirUnited States Of AmericaNew York200Kgs
09-09-200429420011A-214/EPHEDRINE HCL USPBombay AirKenyaNairobi25Kgs
25-09-200429394120A-214/EPHEDRINE HCL USP.Bombay AirCanadaToronto500Kgs
23-09-200429394120A-214/EPHEDRINE HCL USPBombay AirUnited States Of AmericaNewark1200Kgs
11-10-200430039011EPHEDRINE HCL USPBombay AirSwitzerlandZurich5Kgs
19-03-200430039011EPHEDRINE HCL USPBombay AirIsraelTel Aviv10Kgs
03-03-200430039011EPHEDRINE HCL USPBombay AirSwitzerlandZurich5Kgs
06-07-200430039090EPHEDRINE HCL EPBombay AirHungaryBudapest55Kgs
02-08-200429394120A-214 EPHEDRINE HCL USP B.NO.105804, M.DT:MAY-2004, E.DT:APR-09. M.LIC.NO.1206 DT:0Bombay AirCanadaTorrington500Kgs
25-05-200429394110DL-EPHEDRINE HCL B.NO.500104-R,MFG DT.AP R-2004 EXP.DT.MAR 2009Bombay AirGermanyStuttgart10Kgs
13-05-200430039011EPHEDRINE HCL EPBombay AirHungaryBudapest25Kgs
21-05-200429394110EPHEDRINE HYDROCHORIDE :EPHEDRINE HCL USPBombay AirCanadaToronto1500Kgs
23-09-200429394120A-214 EPHEDRINE HCL USPBombay AirUnited States Of AmericaNew York400Kgs
18-03-200430049011EPHEDRINE HCL EPBombay AirHungaryBudapest25Kgs
25-05-200429394110L-EPHEDRINE HCL JPBombay AirJapanOsaka7.5Kgs
25-07-200329394102EPHEDRINE HCL USPBombay AirCanadaToronto500Kgs
09-08-200329394101A-377 EPHEDRINE HCL BP (NO INPUT USED IMPORTED UNDER NOTN.NO.32/97)Bombay AirSingaporeNot Available325Kgs
14-11-200329394120A-214 EPHEDRINE HCL BP BATCH NO.:106103, 106203 MFG.DT.:AUG.2003 EXP.DT.:JULY 200 8JnptUnited KingdomFelixstowe1000Kgs
14-02-200330039089SION SR.A-214 EPHEDRINE HCL BPBombay AirKenyaNairobi100Kgs
31-05-200330039001EPHEDRINE HCL USPBombay AirSwitzerlandZurich5Kgs
02-07-200330049034SION SR.NO. A214 EPHEDRINE HCL USPBombay AirEgyptCairo150Kgs
31-07-200330039001EPHEDRINE HCL EPBombay AirHungaryBudapest100Kgs
14-02-200330039001EPHEDRINE HCL EPBombay AirSwitzerlandZurich25Kgs
05-03-200330039001EPHEDRINE HCL USP .SION SR NO A-214Bombay AirUruguayMontevideo10Kgs
05-09-200329394110A-214 EPHEDRINE HCL USP B NO 1055403 MFG DT AUG 2003 EXP DT JULY 2008Bombay AirCanadaToronto500Kgs
30-09-200329394190A-214 EPHEDRINE HCL BP BATCH NO:105503 MFG.DATE:AUGUST 2003 EXP.DATE:JULY 2008JnptSouth AfricaDurban500Kgs
09-08-200329394101A-377 EPHEDRINE HCL BP (NO INPUT USED IMPORTED UNDER NOTN.NO.32/97)JnptSingaporeNot Available325Kgs
31-07-200330039001EPHEDRINE HCL EPBombay AirCyprusLarnaca160Kgs
04-03-200330039001EPHEDRINE HCL USP SION SR NO:A-214Bombay AirCanadaToronto500Kgs
05-03-200330039001EPHEDRINE HCL BP SION SR NO A-214Bombay AirJordanAmman25Kgs
18-11-200329394120A-214 EPHEDRINE HCL BP/EP BATCH NO.:106303,106403,106503,106603. MFG.DATE:SEPT.2003JnptDenmarkCopenhagen2000Kgs
24-04-200329394102A-214 EPHEDRINE HCL BP BATCH NO.:101603 MFG.DATE.:FEB.2003 EXP.DATE:MARCH 2008 MFG.LIC.NO.1206/DTJnptNot AvailableSingapore500Kgs
07-10-200329394110A214 EPHEDRINE HCL USP B.NO.105703,M.DT. AUG-03,DT.JUL-08Bombay AirUnited States Of AmericaPhiladelphia500Kgs
01-07-200329394101EPHEDRINE HCL USP SION SR.NO.A-214Bombay AirCanadaToronto500Kgs
07-10-200329394110A214 EPHEDRINE HCL USP B.NO.105603,M.DT. AUG 03, E.DT. JUL-08Bombay AirUnited States Of AmericaPhiladelphia500Kgs
Avon Organics Ltd
Address - S.No.18,Yawapur Village,
DateHS CodeProduct Exported India PortForeign CountryForeign Port QuantityUnit
06-03-200329394101EPHEDRINE HCL BP (SION SR NO.A-214)Bombay AirJordanAmman200Kgs
14-10-200329394120SION SR NO.A-214 EPHEDRINE HCL BPBombay AirKenyaNairobi200Kgs
06-02-200329391001SION NO. A-214 EPHEDRINE HCL USPBombay AirSwitzerlandBasel500Kgs
20-06-200330049001S.SR.NO. A-376 PSEUDO EPHEDRINE HCL USPBombay AirUgandaEntebbe25Kgs
03-06-200329394102EPHEDRINE HCL BP SION SR.NO.A-376Bombay AirKenyaNairobi200Kgs
20-06-200330049001S.SR.NO. A-376 PSEUDO EPHEDRINE HCL USPBombay AirSyriaDamascus500Kgs
16-10-200329394200EPHEDRINE HCL POWDER USPBombay AirUnited States Of AmericaNew York0.3Kgs
11-03-200329394101EPHEDRINE HCL BP SION SR NO A214Bombay AirKenyaNairobi200Kgs
30-01-200329394101SION SR.NO. A-377 EPHEDRINE HCL BPBombay AirIndonesiaJakarta25Kgs
08-07-200329394102S.SR.NO. A-214 EPHEDRINE HCL B.P.Bombay AirMalaysiaKuala Lumpur50Kgs
21-06-200329391001EPHEDRINE HCL BPBombay AirTanzaniaDar Es Salaam0.5Kgs
15-09-200329394120SION A 214 EPHEDRINE HCL USPBombay AirPanamaSantiaga100Kgs
08-05-200329394101EPHEDRINE HCL USP 24 SION SR NO A214Bombay AirVietnamHanoi200Kgs
28-03-200329394900EPHEDRINE HCL BP SION SR:NO A-214Bombay AirIndonesiaSolo City200Kgs
22-01-200329394101SION NO.A-377 EPHEDRINE HCL USPBombay AirChileSantiaga75Kgs
17-10-200329394200EPHEDRINE HCL POWDER USPBombay AirUnited States Of AmericaNew York0.3Kgs
15-09-200329394120SION A-214 EPHEDRINE HCL USP BPBombay AirCanadaToronto10Kgs
08-09-200329394110SION SR.A-376 PSEUDO EPHEDRINE HCL USPBombay AirUgandaEntebbe500Kgs
30-01-200329394101SION NO A 377 EPHEDRINE HCL BPBombay AirIndonesiaJakarta25Kgs
23-05-200329394101S.SR.NO. A-214 EPHEDRINE HCL BPBombay AirSyriaDamascus50Kgs
DateHS CodeProduct Exported India PortForeign CountryForeign Port QuantityUnit
02-12-200329394190EPHEDRINE HCL USPBombay AirSwitzerlandZurich3Kgs
31-03-200429394120A-214 EPHEDRINE HCL USP BATCH NO.101204, 101304 101404,101504,101604,101704,10180 4,101904,102004,10JnptIranBandar Abbas6000Kgs
29-03-200429394120A-214 EPHEDRINE HCL USP BATCH NO:101004, 101104.MFG.DATE:JAN 2004,EXP.DATE:DEC.20 08JnptUnited States Of AmericaPhiladelphia1000Kgs
02-12-200330049034EPHEDRINE HCL BP/USPBombay AirPakistanKarachi500Kgs
24-12-200330039011EPHEDRINE HCL USPBombay AirUnited States Of AmericaPhiladelphia25Kgs
15-10-200429394120A-214,EPHEDRINE HCL BP, BATCH NO:108204 MFG.DT:AUG.2004, EXP.DT:JULY 2009, MFG.LIC.NO:1206 DTBombay SeaSingaporeNot Available300Kgs
18-12-200329394120A-214 EPHEDRINE HCL BP BATCH NO.:107503 MFG.DATE:OCT.2003 EXP.DATE:SEPT.2008 MFG .LIC.NO.1206 DT.07JnptSouth AfricaDurban500Kgs
23-03-200429394120A-214 EPHEDRINE HCL BP.BATCH NO:102404, MFG.DT:JAN 2004. EXP.DT DEC.2008 MFG.LIC .NO:1206 DT:7.6.19JnptSingaporeNot Available500Kgs
31-03-200429394120A-214 EPHEDRINE HCL BP.BATCH NO.102504, MFG.DT.JAN.2004, EXP.DT.DEC.2008JnptSingaporeNot Available500Kgs
18-12-200329334100A214 EPHEDRINE HCL BP/USP B NO 107403 MFG DT OC T 2003 EXT DT SEP 2008 MFG LIC NO 1206 DT 7.6..1Bombay AirPakistanKarachi300Kgs
02-12-200329394190EPHEDRINE HCL USPBombay AirSwitzerlandZurich5Kgs
06-01-200429394120A-214 EPHEDRINE HCL BP/EP BATCH NO.:107903,107803 MFG.DATE.:DEC.20 03 EXP.DATE.:NOV.2JnptUnited KingdomFelixstowe1000Kgs
18-12-200329394120A 214 EPHEDRINE HCL BP B NO 107403 MFG DT OCT 2003 EXP DT SEPT 2008Bombay AirPolandWarsaw25Kgs
Krebs Biochemicals Ltd
Address - Unit No.5&6,Ist Floor,Topaz Complex
DateHS CodeProduct Exported India PortForeign CountryForeign Port QuantityUnit
13-12-200329394200EPHEDRINE HCL USPMadras SeaUnited States Of AmericaNew York20000Kgs
23-12-200329394110EPHEDRINE HCL USP 26 NOC NO:1070Madras SeaPakistanKarachi500Kgs
20-11-200329394190EPHEDRINE HCL BP NOC NO:942/2003Madras SeaSingaporeNot Available1000Kgs
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