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Brazil Wash Basin Import Data from hungary in kgs | Active Importers & Exporters

Found 12 Wash Basin Import Data to Brazil from hungary in kgs unit with 0 Importers information:

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Brazil Import (12)

DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionStd. QuantityStd. UnitStd. Unit Price FOB US$Value FOB US$Country of Origin
01-11-202039221000BATHS, SHOWER-BATHS, SINKS AND WASH-BASINS749KGS10.027502Hungary
01-08-202039221000BATHS, SHOWER-BATHS, SINKS AND WASH-BASINS904KGS10.089111Hungary
01-06-202039221000BATHS, SHOWER-BATHS, SINKS AND WASH-BASINS129KGS9.51226Hungary
01-05-202039221000BATHS, SHOWER-BATHS, SINKS AND WASH-BASINS83KGS9.3772Hungary
01-03-202039221000BATHS, SHOWER-BATHS, SINKS AND WASH-BASINS659KGS9.446222Hungary
01-10-201939221000BATHS, SHOWER-BATHS, SINKS AND WASH-BASINS183KGS9.161676Hungary
01-06-201939221000BATHS, SHOWER-BATHS, SINKS AND WASH-BASINS1027KGS9.489731Hungary
01-11-201839221000BATHS, SHOWER-BATHS, SINKS AND WASH-BASINS1548KGS8.9113796Hungary
01-08-201839221000BATHS, SHOWER-BATHS, SINKS AND WASH-BASINS1266KGS9.2611717Hungary
01-05-201839221000BATHS, SHOWER-BATHS, SINKS AND WASH-BASINS1783KGS6.5711716Hungary
01-12-201739221000BATHS, SHOWER-BATHS, SINKS AND WASH-BASINS1137KGS8.689868Hungary
01-09-201739221000BATHS, SHOWER-BATHS, SINKS AND WASH-BASINS765KGS8.216279Hungary

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