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Chile Hand Pump Import Data from colombia-ports | Active Importers & Exporters

Found 19 Hand Pump Import Data to Chile from colombia-ports with 10 Importers information:

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Chile Import (19)

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionConsigneeStd. QuantityStd. UnitStd. Unit Price CIF US$Country of OriginPort of OriginPort of DestinationValue CIF US$
21-10-202084142000BOMBA DE AIRED.-F|HAND PUMP 100|2709236|DE MANO|176 UNIDADES
176UNT5.17N/AColombia PortsSan Antonio910.47
07-09-202084142000BOMBA DE AIRED.-F|HAND PUMP 100|2709236|DE MANO|146 UNIDADES
146UNT6.91NAColombia PortsValparaiso1008.39
27-03-202084142000BOMBA DE AIRED.-F|HAND PUMP 100|2709236|DE MANO|88 UNIDADES
88UNT5.56NAColombia PortsValparaiso489.53
17-02-202084142000BOMBA DE AIRED.-F|HAND PUMP 100|588830|DE MANO|570 UNIDADES
570UNT2.7NaColombia PortsValparaiso1538.25
17-02-202084142000BOMBA DE AIRED.-F|HAND PUMP 100|2709236|DE MANO|176 UNIDADES
176UNT5.56NaColombia PortsValparaiso979.05
04-02-202084142000BOMBA DE AIRED.-F|HAND PUMP 100|2709236|DE MANO|328 UNIDADES
328UNT2.95NaColombia PortsSan Antonio966.13
21-01-202084142000BOMBA DE AIRED.-F|HAND PUMP 100|588830|DE MANO|236 UNIDADES
236UNT3.37NAColombia PortsSan Antonio794.48
21-01-202084142000BOMBA DE AIRED.-F|HAND PUMP 100|588830|DE MANO|398 UNIDADES
398UNT2.67NAColombia PortsValparaiso1061.65
10-01-202084142000BOMBA DE AIRED.-F|HAND PUMP 100|2709236|DE MANO|262 UNIDADES
262UNT3.47NAColombia PortsSan Antonio910.23
30-12-201984142000BOMBA DE AIRED.-F|HAND PUMP 100|588830|DE MANO|315 UNIDADES
315UNT2.97NAColombia PortsSan Antonio935.63
27-12-201984142000BOMBA DE AIRED.-F|HAND PUMP 100|588830|DE MANO|254 UNIDADES
254UNT3.68NAColombia PortsSan Antonio934.77
09-12-201984142000BOMBA DE AIRED.-F|HAND PUMP 100|2709236|DE MANO|65 UNIDADES
65UNT3.69NAColombia PortsSan Antonio239.62
05-12-201984142000BOMBA DE AIRED.-F|HAND PUMP 100|588830|DE MANO|450 UNIDADES
450UNT2.23ChinaColombia PortsSan Antonio1003.9
06-11-201984142000BOMBA DE AIRED.-F|HAND PUMP 100|588830|DE MANO|399 UNIDADES
399UNT1.62NAColombia PortsValparaiso647.67
11-10-201984142000BOMBA DE AIRED.-F|HAND PUMP 100|588830|DE MANO|737 UNIDADES
737UNT2.21NAColombia PortsSan Antonio1626.44
08-04-201984142000BOMBA DE AIRED.-F|HAND PUMP 100|588830|DE MANO|294 UNIDADES
294UNT1.38NAColombia PortsValparaiso404.34
08-04-201984142000BOMBA DE AIRED.-F|HAND PUMP 100|2709236|DE MANO|282 UNIDADES
282UNT5.44NAColombia PortsValparaiso1535.12
24-12-201884142000BOMBA DE AIRED.-F|HAND PUMP 100|588830|DE MANO|244 UNIDADES
244UNT3.6NAColombia PortsSan Antonio879.38
16-10-201884142000BOMBA DE AIRED.-F|HAND PUMP 100|588830|DE MANO|270 UNIDADES
270UNT3.54NaColombia PortsValparaiso956.27

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