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Ecuador Water Pipe Import Data from miami | Active Importers & Exporters

Found 35 Water Pipe Import Data to Ecuador from miami with 8 Importers information:

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Registration DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionConsigneeShipperStd. QuantityStd. UnitValue CIF US$Std. Unit Price CIF US$Country of OriginPort of OriginCustoms Name
06-11-20204016930000GASKET WATER PIPE
1UNT3.183.18United StatesMiami
04-11-20204009420000MANGUERA DE AGUA, WATER PIPE
27-10-20204009310000PIPE ASSY-WATER
1KGS32.632.6Republic Of KoreaMiami
24-09-20204009310000PIPE ASSY-WATER
1KGS18.2918.29Republic Of KoreaMiami
22-09-20204009310000PIPE ASSY-WATER
1KGS17.317.3Republic Of KoreaMiami
19-06-20204009310000PIPE ASSY-WATER
1KGS22.9522.95Republic Of KoreaMiami
01-04-20204009310000PIPE ASSY-WATER
1KGS15.1315.13Republic Of KoreaMiami
18-12-20194009310000PIPE ASSY-WATER
5KGS16.293.26Republic Of KoreaMiami
18-12-20194009310000PIPE ASSY-WATER
2KGS16.18.05Republic Of KoreaMiami
22-11-20193923309900PIPE O-RING ASSY-WATER INLET
1UNT5.995.99Republic Of KoreaMiami
22-11-20194009310000PIPE ASSY-WATER
2KGS9.094.54Republic Of KoreaMiami
04-05-20198483609000PIPE WATER INLET
1UNT35.2835.28United StatesMiami
04-05-20194009310000PIPE ASSY-WATER
1KGS14.0214.02Republic Of KoreaMiami
30-03-20194009310000PIPE ASSY-WATER
3KGS18.226.07Republic Of KoreaMiami
09-03-20194009310000PIPE ASSY-WATER
1KGS9.099.09Republic Of KoreaMiami
09-03-20193923309900PIPE & O-RING ASSY-WATER INLET
1UNT5.995.99Republic Of KoreaMiami
02-02-20194009310000PIPE ASSY-WATER
0KGS6.010Republic Of KoreaMiami
26-01-20194009110000PIPE ASSY-WATER
2KGS27.7613.88Republic Of KoreaMiami
27-09-20184009110000PIPE ASSY-WATER
2KGS13.976.98Republic Of KoreaMiami
04-08-20184009310000PIPE ASSY-WATER
2KGS13.886.94Republic Of KoreaMiami
27-07-20183923309900PIPE & O-RING ASSY-WATER INLET
1UNT5.935.93Republic Of KoreaMiami
23-06-20188409999900PIPE WATER
1UNT60.1460.14United StatesMiami
20-04-20188409919900PIPE & O-RING ASSY-WATER INLET
1UNT5.935.93Republic Of KoreaMiami
15-03-20189807103000BMW 1 E81 E87 E88 3 E46 E90 X3 E83 1998- ORIGINAL COOLING SYSTEM WATER HOSE PIPE
1UNT266.39266.39United StatesMiami
03-03-20183923309900PIPE & O-RING ASSY-WATER INLET
1UNT5.935.93Republic Of KoreaMiami
24-02-20183923309900PIPE & O-RING ASSY-WATER INLET
1UNT5.935.93Republic Of KoreaMiami
17-02-20188708920000PIPE WATER OUTLET
1UNT18.3818.38United StatesMiami
12-12-20178708999990TUBO AGUA LATERAL, WATER PIPE
04-11-20178708299000PIPE ASSY-WATER
1UNT6.016.01Republic Of KoreaMiami
04-11-20173923309900PIPE O-RING ASSY-WATER INLET
1UNT5.935.93Republic Of KoreaMiami

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