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Hs CodeProduct DescriptionPort of OriginPort of DestinationCountry of DestinationValue(Usd)Std QtyStd Unit
33053000DULHAN KESH KALA REGULAR (HAIR LACQUERS) DULHAN KESH KALA (CTN)(API)Petrapole RoadBenapoleBangladesh412502750NOS
33053000DULHAN KESH KALA REGULAR (HAIR LACQUERS) DULHAN KESH KALA (CTN)(API)Petrapole RoadBenapoleBangladesh176001100NOS
33053000KESH KALA (HAIR LACQUERS) (A.P.I.)Petrapole RoadBenapoleBangladesh1372813200KGS
33053000DULHAN KESH KALA(HAIR LACQUERS) (API)Petrapole RoadBenapoleBangladesh3660.83520KGS
33053000DULHAN KESH KALA(HAIR LACQUERS) (API)Petrapole RoadBenapoleBangladesh8985.68640KGS
33053000DULHAN KESH KALA (HAIR LACQUERS) (A.P.I.)Petrapole RoadBenapoleBangladesh58245600KGS
33053000DULHAN KESH KALA(HAIR LACQUERS) (A.P.I.)Petrapole RoadBenapoleBangladesh18340.2217760KGS
33053000DULHAN KESH KALA(HAIR LACQUERS) (A.P.I.)Petrapole RoadBenapoleBangladesh1372813200KGS
33053000DULHAN KESH KALA ( HAIR LACQUERS) (API)Petrapole RoadBenapoleBangladesh2308822200KGS
33053000DULHAN KESH KALA (HAIR LACQUERS) (A.P.I.)Petrapole RoadBenapoleBangladesh18050.6217760KGS
33053000DULHAN KESH KALA(HAIR LACQUERS) (API)Petrapole RoadBenapoleBangladesh1788817600KGS
33053000DULHAN KESH KALA(HAIR LACQUERS) (API)Petrapole RoadBenapoleBangladesh18298.1817600KGS
33053000DULHAN KESH KALA(HAIR LACQUERS) (A.P.I.)Petrapole RoadBenapoleBangladesh18359.0617600KGS
33053000DULHAN KESH KALA(HAIR LACQUERS)Petrapole RoadBenapoleBangladesh11790.0413200KGS
33053000DULHAN KESH KALA (HAIR LACQUERS) (A.P.I.)Petrapole RoadBenapoleBangladesh11790.9813200KGS
33053000DULHAN KESH KALA (HAIR LACQUERS) (API)Petrapole RoadBenapoleBangladesh11790.6513200KGS

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