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Hs CodeProduct DescriptionPort of DestinationCountry of OriginValue(Usd)Std QtyStd Unit
82041120D/E OPEN WRENCH 8102A-2022 20*22mm (HAND TOOLS) - Bombay AirChina65.195NOS
82041120D/E RING WRENCH 8107A-1819 18*19mm (HAND TOOLS) - Bombay AirChina180.0115NOS
82041120D/E RING WRENCH 8107A-1213 12*13mm (HAND TOOLS) - Bombay AirChina276.7840NOS
82041120COMBINATION WRENCH 8101A-10 10mm (HAND TOOLS) - Bombay AirChina83.6810NOS
82041120ADJ WRENCH 8115-1010 36*300mm (HAND TOOLS) - Bombay AirChina67.722NOS
82041120COMBINATION WRENCH 8101A-19 19mm (HAND TOOLS) - Bombay AirChina64.065NOS
82041120D/E OPEN WRENCH 146-2427 24*27mm (HAND TOOLS) - Bombay AirChina121.095NOS
82041120COMBINATION WRENCH 135-6 6mm (HAND TOOLS) - Bombay AirChina5.881NOS
82041120D/E OPEN WRENCH like item No.151 24*26mm (HAND TOOLS) - Bombay AirChina99.681NOS
82041120COMBINATION WRENCH 135-8 8mm (HAND TOOLS) - Bombay AirChina7.521NOS
82041120COMBINATION WRENCH 135-13 13mm (HAND TOOLS) - Bombay AirChina11.241NOS
82041120COMBINATION WRENCH 135-20 20mm (HAND TOOLS) - Bombay AirChina15.221NOS
82041120D/E RING WRENCH 151-4146 41*46mm (HAND TOOLS) - Bombay AirChina85.891NOS
82041120ADJ WRENCH 125-1004 18*150mm (HAND TOOLS) - Bombay AirChina19.21NOS
82041120COMBINATION WRENCH 135-27 27mm (HAND TOOLS) - Bombay AirChina29.411NOS
82041120COMBINATION WRENCH 135-26 26mm (HAND TOOLS) - Bombay AirChina25.61NOS
82041120PIPE WRENCH 130-1012 75*600MM (HAND TOOLS) - Bombay AirChina108.891NOS
82041120COMBINATION WRENCH 8101A-15 15mm (HAND TOOLS) - Bombay AirChina111.2510NOS
82041120COMBINATION WRENCH 8101A-17 17mm (HAND TOOLS) - Bombay AirChina301.9125NOS
82041120ADJ WRENCH 8115-1010 36*300mm (HAND TOOLS) - Bombay AirChina199.695NOS
82041120D/E RING WRENCH 8107A-1011 10*11mm (HAND TOOLS) - Bombay AirChina110.0620NOS
82041120D/E OPEN WRENCH 8102A-0809 8*9mm (HAND TOOLS) - Bombay AirChina6.622NOS
82041120D/E OPEN WRENCH 8102A-0607 6*7mm (HAND TOOLS) - Bombay AirChina6.232NOS
82041120D/E OPEN WRENCH 8102A-1011 10*11mm (HAND TOOLS) - Bombay AirChina7.592NOS
82041120D/E OPEN WRENCH 8102A-1819 18*19mm (HAND TOOLS) - Bombay AirChina285.9625NOS
82041120D/E OPEN WRENCH 8102A-1213 12*13mm (HAND TOOLS) - Bombay AirChina10.122NOS
82041120COMBINATION WRENCH 135-7 7mm (HAND TOOLS) - Bombay AirChina6.571NOS
82041120COMBINATION WRENCH 135-11 11mm (HAND TOOLS) - Bombay AirChina10.031NOS
82041120COMBINATION WRENCH 135-23 23mm (HAND TOOLS) - Bombay AirChina19.21NOS
82041120COMBINATION WRENCH 135-24 24mm (HAND TOOLS) - Bombay AirChina20.51NOS

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