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Hs CodeProduct DescriptionPort of DestinationCountry of OriginValue(Usd)Std QtyStd Unit
70139900GLASS WATER JUG WITH LOGO Cochin SeaChina47.5350NOS
70139900GLASS WATER JUG WITH LOGO Cochin SeaChina6426.097140NOS
70139900GLASS WATER JUG Cochin SeaChina6708.693727NOS
70133700GLASS WATER JUG Cochin SeaChina213.58214KGS
70133700WATER JUG (GLASS) Cochin SeaChina216218KGS
70133700GLASS WATER JUG Cochin SeaChina614.03622KGS
70133700GLASS WATER JUG Cochin SeaChina679.56660KGS
39269099WATER JUG , ITEM NO:7625-130 (PLASTIC) (288PCS) Cochin SeaChina107.7636KGS
70132800NOLTA 7 PCS GLASS WATER SET-1 JUG+6 TUMBLERS-VISA-J-135ZSA+8709/BH7 Cochin SeaChina17098.585994SET
39269069WATER JUG(PLASTIC) Cochin SeaChina257.87500NOS
39269069WATER JUG(PLASTIC) Cochin SeaChina1104.281200NOS
39269069WATER JUG(PLASTIC) Cochin SeaChina266.97600NOS
39269069WATER JUG(PLASTIC) Cochin SeaChina184.45480NOS
39249090E-877 2.2 LTR WATER JUG (PLASTIC HOUSEWARE)(AIFTA CO.NO.PP-2019-AI-21-002823 DT.04.07.2019)Cochin SeaMalaysia155.36144NOS
39249090E-870 ACRYLIC WATER JUG 1.7 LTR (PLASTIC HOUSEWARE)(AIFTA CO.NO.PP-2019-AI-21-002823 DT.04.07.2019)Cochin SeaMalaysia336.62144NOS
70132800NOLTA 7 PCS GLASS WATER SET (1 JUG+ 6 TUMBLER ) VISA-J-135ZSA+8709/BH7Cochin SeaChina6898.42346SET
39241090PLASTIC WATER JUGCochin SeaChina259.93131KGS
70139900GLASS POT & CUP(WATER JUG)Cochin SeaChina121.1978.4KGS
70139900GLASS POT & CUP(WATER JUG)Cochin SeaChina224.4378.4KGS
70139900GLASSPOT&CUP( WATER JUG)Cochin SeaChina209.8478.4KGS
70139900GLASS POT & CUP(WATER JUG)Cochin SeaChina212.0878.4KGS
70139900GLASS POT & CUP(WATER JUG)Cochin SeaChina221.0678.4KGS
70139900GLASSPOT&CUP(WATER JUG)Cochin SeaChina175.0578.4KGS
70139900GLASS POT & CUP(WATER JUG)Cochin SeaChina377.04156.8KGS
70139900GLASS POT & CUP(WATER JUG)Cochin SeaChina14778.4KGS
70133700GLASS WATER JUGCochin SeaChina332.01320KGS
70133700GLASS WATER JUGCochin SeaChina184.45180KGS
70134900WATER JUG+CUP SET 6+1GLASS-24KGSCochin SeaChina116.914SET
70134900WATER JUG& CUPSET GLASS 6PCS-355KGSCochin SeaChina460.6196SET
70134900GLASS WATER JUG+CUP SET1+673.5KGSCochin SeaChina36.440SET

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