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DateHS CodeDescriptionCountry OriginPort of DestinationValue In INRValue In USDQTYUnitUnit Rate In INRShip Mode
2016-11-2585177090ANT-24120- OUTDOOR ANTENNA OMNIDIRECTIONALChinaGoa Air60402.59877.9428.000PCS2157.24Air
2016-11-2585176290DG-GS4928FSE-B1-24 PORT SWITCH SFP 100 MBPSChinaGoa Air463086.526730.917.000PCS66155.22Air
2016-11-2585176990NPort 5150/EU V1.1 1 Port Device RS-232/422/485 to 10/100M Ethernet to Serial Device ServerTaiwanGoa Air5260.5976.461.000PCS5260.59Air
2016-11-2585176290EDS-205A-S-SC V2.0.1 5-Port Entry Level Unmmanaged EthernetSwitchTaiwanGoa Air5260.5976.461.000PCS5260.59Air
2016-11-2585176930DSL-2750U/IN/I Wireless N 300 ADSL2+ 4-ports Router for Highspeedlink to the InternetChinaGoa Air4134536.0060095.005,000.000PCS826.91Air
2016-11-2584799090F-110040 SHAFT 9MM OF FLANGE MOTOR 50HZ KOD325 S1/S79/SR (SPARES FOR TUFTING MACHINE)GermanyGoa Air98431.201430.694.000PCS24607.80Air
2016-11-2584799090F-110038 A/C MOTOR KPER71K4   (SPARES FOR TUFTING MACHINE)GermanyGoa Air94229.491369.612.000PCS47114.75Air
2016-11-2584799090F-110004 A/C MOTOR KOD425 SELS1 (SPARES FOR TUFTING MACHINE)GermanyGoa Air53957.97784.272.000PCS26978.99Air
2016-11-2584799090F-110020 A/C MOTOR KOD 425/W/S1/S136 (SPARES FOR TUFTING MACHINE)GermanyGoa Air154783.532249.764.000PCS38695.88Air
2016-11-2584799090168295 AS LOWER PLATE 20-23/2,20X0,30/25 (SPARES FOR TUFTINGMACHINE)GermanyGoa Air227772.773310.6510.000PCS22777.28Air
2016-10-27 85176990 DEM-310GT/IN Gigabit single mode Fiber Transceiver module for gigabit switch for High speed Network Connection. Taiwan Goa Air 318,954.21 4,721.75 500.00 Pcs 637.91 Air
2016-10-27 85176990 DEM-311GT/IN Gigabit multi-mode Fiber Transceiver module forgigabit switch for High speed Network Connection. Taiwan Goa Air 184,822.88 2,736.09 300.00 Pcs 616.08 Air
2016-10-26 85168000 HEATED HOSE SERIES H300A DN10 MAX. TEMPERATURE 100C PTFE-ISOLATED HEATED WIRE BRING OUTSIDE IN FRONT OF HOSE Germany Goa Air 98,374.67 1,456.32 2.00 Pcs 49,187.34 Air
2016-10-25 84799090 KNEADING ELEMENT KN7 L=42 B-403 Switzerland Goa Air 187,214.93 2,771.50 2.00 Pcs 93,607.46 Air
2016-10-25 84807900 GLASS MOLDS FOR PLASTIC LENS75MM 1.498 VISIO SHORT CORRIDORPROGRESSIVE MOULDS 15MM MINIMUM FITTING HEIGHT) VIS S (695 P United Kingdom Goa Air 3,018,192.51 44,680.87 52.00 Kgs 58,042.16 Air
2016-08-30 21069099 PEPTAMEN ACE-2 12X400G N5 Switzerland Goa Air 3462275.63 51103.70 8,856.000 PCS 390.95 Air
2016-08-30 85176930 DG-HR1070MSE DIGISOL 802.11N WI-FI PORTABLE 4G/3G MI-FI BROADBAND ROUTER China Goa Air 1141517.21 16848.96 500.000 NOS 2283.03 Air
2016-08-30 54049090 PBT FILAMENTS DOUBLE END TAPERED FILAMENTS INNO-EP WT-602 0.178MMX28MM China Goa Air 305938.42 4515.70 158.400 KGS 1931.43 Air
2016-08-30 85176990 UPort 1110 - 1 Port USB to Serial Adaptor, Rs-232 (NetwokingEquipment) Taiwan Goa Air 131260.17 1937.42 100.000 PCS 1312.60 Air
2016-08-30 94054090 LED STREET LIGHT China Goa Air 1284517.78 18959.67 82.000 NOS 15664.85 Air
2016-08-30 85044010 DR-4524 - Switching power supply 45W/2A, 24VDC, STATIC CONVERTER Taiwan Goa Air 86217.20 1272.58 39.000 PCS 2210.70 Air
2016-08-30 85176990 SFP-1GLXLC - SFP Interface module for Ethernet managed switch. Taiwan Goa Air 82901.16 1223.63 16.000 PCS 5181.32 Air
2016-08-30 85044010 MDR-60-24 - Switching power supply 60w/2.5A, 24VDC, STATIC CONVERTER Taiwan Goa Air 28186.39 416.04 8.000 PCS 3523.30 Air
2016-08-30 84799090 CONVEYOR BELT Singapore Goa Air 59661.71 880.62 6.000 PCS 9943.62 Air
2016-08-30 85176930 DG-HR1070MSE DIGISOL 802.11N WI-FI PORTABLE 4G/3G MI-FI BROADBAND ROUTER China Goa Air 11415.17 168.49 5.000 NOS 2283.03 Air
2016-02-0485437019ICAF SYSTEM WITH OBS FOR YARD 1229 AS PER P. O.NO. 184158 DT. 25.03.20159(DETAILS AS PER INVOICE)United KingdomGoa Air763876.0311167.7822.000PCS34721.64Air
2016-02-0438220090M1625000 METHYLNITROSOINDOLINE CRS110MG (REFERENCE STANDARDS FOR ANALYTICAL USE ONLY)FranceGoa Air6148.6089.891.000NOS6148.60Air
2016-02-0490158090SHIPPING BOXNorwayGoa Air44762.97654.433.000NOS14920.99Air
2016-02-0479040019ZINK ANODE, 16MM.NorwayGoa Air33601.60491.2520.000NOS1680.08Air
2016-02-0485394900BULB UV IRRADIATOR BT11D 11MM 10" 11MM X 13United StatesGoa Air452525.536615.8715.000NOS30168.37Air
2016-02-0284759000OXY/GAS BURNER NOZZLE STAINLESS STEELUnited KingdomGoa Air335169.204900.1314.000NOS23940.66Air
2016-02-0285366990RMWCMECL0000066 (P8-061-GREY) MODULAR PLUG CONNECTORCAT.6 8P8C-F,3-PIECE TYPE W/CLOSED BEVEL INSERT (3.4) VACANT STRAINTaiwanGoa Air322944.534721.4150,000.000PCS6.46Air
2016-02-0285366990RMCNMEAV0000069 (0028SAF3504_D01) C6 FULLY SHIELDED MODULARPLUG CONNECTOR (RJ45) INSERTS SHIELDED CABLE CLIP,50U"ROHS UTaiwanGoa Air59146.02864.715,000.000PCS11.83Air
2016-02-0285366990RMCNMEAV0000069 (0028SAF3504_D01) C6 FULLY SHIELDED MODULARPLUG CONNECTOR (RJ45) INSERTS SHIELDED CABLE CLIP,50U"ROHS UTaiwanGoa Air35487.61518.823,000.000PCS11.83Air
2016-02-028466309038.712.16.033.03 4 POLY-V 3225 P-K6 TOOLHOLDER (TOOL HOLDER USED FOR HOLDING THE INSERT)GermanyGoa Air20713.22302.822.000PCS10356.61Air
2016-02-0285176290DIGISOL USB PRINT SERVER WITH USB2.0 PORT AND 1 10/100 MBPSPORT DG-PS1010UTaiwanGoa Air1137489.5616629.96750.000PCS1516.65Air
2016-02-0285176290DIGISOL USB PRINT SERVER WITH USB2.0 PORT AND 1 10/100 MBPSPORT DG-PS1010UTaiwanGoa Air6066.6188.694.000PCS1516.65Air
2016-01-0485367000FIBRE OPTIC CONNECTOR RMCNMETE0000012 SC MM ADAPTER-PHBR SLEEVE(LIST 21 ITEM NO.14)ChinaGoa Air10790.33160.57500.000PCS21.58Air
2016-01-0485389000RMEPMEPV0000018 SC DUPLEX CLIP OFF WHITEChinaGoa Air27149.87404.025,000.000PCS5.43Air
2016-01-0485389000RMEPMEPV0000030 SC DUPLEX CLIP BLUEChinaGoa Air27149.87404.025,000.000PCS5.43Air
2016-01-0485367000FIBRE OPTIC CONNECTOR RMCNMEFO0000009 LC TYPE DUPLEX SM CONNECTOR(LIST 21 ITEM NO.14)ChinaGoa Air359213.725345.443,000.000PCS119.74Air
2016-01-0488039000SPARES FOR AIRCRAFT (DETAILS AS PER INVOICE)United StatesGoa Air789500.6811748.527.000PCS112785.81Air
2016-01-0473269099ETCHING MESH ( 04228)ChinaGoa Air242338.513606.23500.000PCS484.68Air
2016-01-0484141000R251-FT-GD4 SINGLE 316 HEAD PUMP TEF/EPDM ATEX-1/2HP 230/400/50/3 250ECCUnited StatesGoa Air365628.645440.92.000NOS182814.32Air
2016-01-0484799090THERMOCOUPLE L=60, CABLE 5M (PARTS OF KNEADING MACHINES)SwitzerlandGoa Air63749.24948.6512.000PCS5312.44Air
2016-01-0435079099VERON W (In 25 Kg Bag)FinlandGoa Air461627.136869.45300.000KGS1538.76Air
2015-12-0385340000088AI043, CAT5E (5*6) PCB-REV.0 (Imm Au) 2 LAYER FINISH IS IMM AU PCB PANEL SIZE: 124.36*75.5*1.6MM (5*6) SINGLE SIZE:13.5TaiwanGoa Air297.894.47110.000PCS2.71Air
2015-12-0385176290DG-MC6022-850NM DIGISOL 1000BASE-SX TO 1000 BASE-T MEDIA CONVERTER (MM) 850NMChinaGoa Air217452.573260.16100.000NOS2174.53Air
2015-12-0390279090GENIE MODEL 755 RETRACTABLE PROBE PART NO.755-064-SS-014-12United StatesGoa Air413112.666193.593.000NOS137704.22Air
2015-12-0390279090NO/NO2 CONVERTER ZDL04001JapanGoa Air214928.873222.322.000PCS107464.44Air
2015-12-0390330000REFRACTOMAX 521 DETECTOR S/N: 3215XC0673 (HPLC PARTS)JapanGoa Air707353.50106051.000NOS707353.50Air
2015-12-039032899044-2262-241-115 PRESSURE REGULATORSChinaGoa Air93675.921404.446.000NOS15612.65Air
2015-12-0373079990720.2361 ADAPTOR F-M 1/4HP-1/4"NPT-MSwitzerlandGoa Air12477.49187.072.000NOS6238.75Air
2015-12-0234031900LUBRICANT 25ML ALT0000003000SwedenGoa Air166.872.52.000PCS83.44Air
2015-12-0234031900LUBRICANT 25ML ALT0000003000SwedenGoa Air1501.8222.5218.000PCS83.43Air
2015-12-0284138190PUMP ASSEMBLYUnited StatesGoa Air353973.605306.956.000NOS58995.60Air
2015-12-0285367000FIBER OPTIC CONNECTORS RMTKMEIC 0000002 OF CBL JOINT CLOSUREFOR 12F ARM,CAB (LIST 21, ITEM NO.14)ChinaGoa Air276670.184147.98100.000PCS2766.70Air
2015-12-02846610203770911500500 SPK CLAMPING ELEMANT ACCESSORY CLAMPING ELEMANT USED FOR TOOL HOLDERGermanyGoa Air5554.3883.2710.000PCS555.44Air
2015-12-0184733020MOTHER BOARD H61M-VG4/M/PB H61, 2DDR3, 4SATA2,B (90-MXGQN0- A0XBNZ) M/BVietnamGoa Air2252781.3733774.831,100.000PCS2047.98Air
2015-12-0185176230DLM-E2000G - MODEMChinaGoa Air22345.41335.012.000PCS11172.71Air
2015-12-0185176230DLM-E2000V - MODEMChinaGoa Air21181.58317.562.000PCS10590.79Air
2015-12-0139199090TAPE PROCAM ET 811A 25MMX50M (1485 ROLLS)Republic of KoreaGoa Air344332.295162.4233.000KGS1477.82Air
2015-12-0139199090TAPE PROCAM ET 811A 30MMX50M (216 ROLLS)Republic of KoreaGoa Air59583.52893.3141.000KGS1453.26Air
2015-12-0138220090Y0001341 OSELTAMIVIR IMPURITY H CRS 30MG (REFERENCE STANDARDS FOR ANALYTICAL USE ONLY)FranceGoa Air5901.9988.491.000NOS5901.99Air
2015-03-289025809041111000 MOISTURE DETECTOR FF-3-N WITH BROKEN WIRE DETECTION WITH M12 PLUG CABLE LENGTH 4 MGermanyGoa Air14363.38227.993.000NOS4787.79Air
2015-03-288421290041506991 COALESCING FILTER K-AGF-PV-30-A-IGermanyGoa Air31718.59503.473.000NOS10572.86Air
2015-03-2873079990SS-12M0-6-4 (REDUCING UNION) 12MM OD X 1/4" ODUnited StatesGoa Air3130.4949.693.000NOS1043.5Air
2015-03-2873079990SS-12M0-6-4 (REDUCING UNION) 12MM OD X 1/4" ODUnited StatesGoa Air2086.9933.132.000NOS1043.5Air
2015-03-2884818090SS-83XTS6-53S (BALL VALVE 3 WAY)United StatesGoa Air96666.501534.393.000NOS32222.17Air
2015-02-2585234990AVAYA AURYA SYS PLATFORM 6.3.5 CDSingaporeGoa Air634.2810.102.000PCS317.14Air
2015-02-2585234990AVAYA AURATM RS.2.1 UPG SFTW CDSingaporeGoa Air1268.5620.202.000PCS634.28Air
2015-02-2585176290CABLE ASSY B25A 25FT RHSSingaporeGoa Air17759.84282.8056.000PCS317.14Air
2015-02-2585447090PWR CORD INDIASingaporeGoa Air3171.4050.5010.000PCS317.14Air
2015-02-2668129922Stk 03.22 Cylinder head gasket (Parts for Compressor)GermanyGoa Air22074.13351.506.000NOS3679.02Air
2015-02-266812992291/1 CGE 041 GASKET (COMPRESSOR SPARES)ItalyGoa Air1898.9530.242.000NOS949.48Air
2015-02-267318150068/1 PDE 031 SCREW Obsoleted replaced by New PN: IPDH061 (COMPRESSOR SPARES)ItalyGoa Air12659.68201.5920.000NOS632.98Air
2015-02-2684099990OIL SEPERATOR(SEALED UNIT) Westermeyer OS4-07 7/8" OD (USA)(COMPRESSOR SPARES)ItalyGoa Air11393.72181.431.000NOS11393.72Air
2015-02-26840999901MDP021 OIL SCRAPPER RING (COMPRESSOR SPARES)ItalyGoa Air4051.1064.514.000NOS1012.78Air
2015-01-3090011000SINGLE MODE OPTICAL FIBER G652D COLORED (15120.00KMS @USD5.10/ KMS) CEPA CERT.NO.14023 2511179701410 /19.1.2015JAPANGoa Air4852118.3877883.121028.160KGS4719.23Air
2015-01-2985258090DG-AH13-W1048 CCTV CAMERACHINAGoa Air1310.9821.041.000NOS1310.98Air
2015-01-2985258090DG-AH10-W1030AR -B CCTV CAMERACHINAGoa Air959.2615.41.000NOS959.26Air
2015-01-2985051190MAGNET VALVE UTONIC, DURASTYLEGERMANYGoa Air70683.051134.5610.000UNT7068.31Air
2015-01-2985176290DES-3200-10/IN - 10/100Mbps+SFP+2 combo L2 managed Network Switch. App. for trans of data for wired/ wireless Network.CHINAGoa Air338051.925426.1950.000PCS6761.04Air
2015-01-2990229090DAGE-XRS ROUGHING-PUMP S 75767800 ROUGHING PUMP (7914521)SINGAPOREGoa Air353380.775672.241.000NOS353380.77Air
2014-12-3184717090DNS-1250-06/A - 6 bay storage. (NETWORK STORAGE DEVICE)TAIWANGoa Air690026.9510807.0040.000PCS17250.67Air
2014-12-3185444299DEM-CB100QXS - 1M QSFP+ to QSFP+ Direct Attch Cable. (CABLE)TAIWANGoa Air2138.4433.492.000PCS1069.22Air
2014-12-3185258090DG-CC3841 800TVL CMOS CD BULLET CAMERA 6MM LENS W IR 40M. DARK GREYCHINAGoa Air158445.042481.52200.000NOS792.23Air
2014-12-3190328990T6315-12 CONT UNITS 150A 12V IP66 BITALYGoa Air7075.92110.822.000NOS3537.96Air
2014-12-318530800010100 HYDRAULIC MAGNETIC 100A DCITALYGoa Air10016.56156.882.000NOS5008.28Air
2014-12-3085444299NCB-C6UGRNR1-5 - Cat.6 UTP patch cord. (CABLE)CHINAGoa Air11221.98175.76100.000PCS112.22Air
2014-12-3085444299NCB-C6UREDR1-1 - Cat.6 UTP patch cord. (CABLE)CHINAGoa Air52240.25818.171500.000PCS34.83Air
2014-12-3085381090NDC-001 - 10Pair Disconnection Module (PATCH PANEL)CHINAGoa Air56496.84884.841000.000PCS56.50Air
2014-12-3085423100IC ADSL SOC RTL8676S-VA1-CG 8MB DRAM LQFP-128 REALTEKTAIWANGoa Air3799380.3959504.7848890.000PCS77.71Air
2014-12-2985176290DIGISOL 4 PORT MINI USB KVM SWITCH W/AUDIO SUPPORTTAIWANGoa Air204591.333204.25100.000PCS2045.91Air
2014-12-2988039000PLATFORM NAVIGATIONAL ( SPARES FOR AIRCRAFT)UNITED KINGDOMGoa Air12246465.79191800.561.000NOS12246465.79Air
2014-12-2988039000WASHER ( SPARES FOR AIRCRAFT)UNITED KINGDOMGoa Air78965.811236.744.000NOS19741.45Air
2014-11-25 84123100 2701901 ACTUATOR SIZE1 M2007/NC DN 025-040 GERMANY Goa Air 110994.30 1773.07 16 NOS 6937.14 Air
2014-11-25 84123100 2701902 ACTUATOR SIZE1 M2007/NC DN 050-100 GERMANY Goa Air 20811.43 332.45 3 NOS 6937.14 Air
2014-11-25 85287219 ARIES EPICA 39" 3D TV UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Goa Air 35165.52 561.75 1 NOS 35165.52 Air
2014-11-25 85287390 CPU AND TV STAND UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Goa Air 3196.87 51.07 1 NOS 3196.87 Air
2014-11-25 38220090 PHARMACEUTICAL REFERENCE STANDARD- Y00000647 BENZOPHENONE 40MG FRANCE Goa Air 6310.44 100.81 1 NOS 6310.44 Air
2014-11-25 38220090 PHARMACEUTICAL REFERENCE STANDARD- G0326000 GLICLAZIDE 20MG FRANCE Goa Air 31552.20 504.03 5 NOS 6310.44 Air
2014-11-25 84239020 1K001123 HYDROLIC TUBE 1/4" FINLAND Goa Air 415.20 6.63 1 PCS 415.20 Air
2014-11-25 84239020 1K003731 PRESSURE SENSOR 3342 FINLAND Goa Air 88686.76 1416.72 3 PCS 29562.25 Air
2014-11-25 84239020 1P000024 PROXIMITY SENSOR S MAGNET FINLAND Goa Air 3321.60 53.06 2 PCS 1660.80 Air
2014-11-25 84239020 1K000498 PRO DISPLAY FINLAND Goa Air 16358.89 261.32 1 PCS 16358.89 Air
2014-10-29 39231090 SAMPLE BOARD BOX FRONT COVER GERMANY Goa Air 23068.22 371.77 200 PCS 115.34 Air
2014-10-29 39231090 SAMPLE BOARD BOX BACK COVER GERMANY Goa Air 23068.22 371.77 200 PCS 115.34 Air
2014-10-29 85367000 RMCNMEFO 0000068 SC SM FIBER OPTIC CONNECTOR 3.0MM (WITHOUT LOGO) CHINA Goa Air 387053.16 6237.76 8000 PCS 48.38 Air
2014-10-29 48219010 CHECKED BAGGAGE STICKER (1RL 250 PCS) O/W QATAR Goa Air 73.95 1.19 500 NOS 0.15 Air
2014-10-29 39232990 BAGS POLYTHENE BAGS FOR DAMAGED BAGGAGE (1X50) QATAR Goa Air 5331.96 85.93 700 NOS 7.62 Air
2014-10-29 48211010 QR THERMAL BAGGAGE TAGS ROLL TYPE (10 X200) QATAR Goa Air 10353.32 166.85 20000 NOS 0.52 Air
2014-10-28 85229000 DVR REMOTE CHINA Goa Air 27.47 0.44 2 PCS 13.74 Air
2014-10-28 85258090 DG-CC3841 CCTV CAMERA CHINA Goa Air 412.07 6.64 1 PCS 412.07 Air
2014-10-28 39269099 DVR PANEL PLASTIC DVR PANEL ( OTHER ARTICLES OF PLASTIC) CHINA Goa Air 34.34 0.55 1 PCS 34.34 Air
2014-10-28 84831099 SHAFT (11293453) AUSTRIA Goa Air 72007.67 1160.48 4 PCS 18001.92 Air
2014-10-28 73182990 RING (11293454) AUSTRIA Goa Air 66748.68 1075.72 4 PCS 16687.17 Air
2014-10-28 85176290 8 PORT POE GIG L2 ENHANCED WEB, CLI MANAGED SWITCH, 2SFP PORTS CHINA Goa Air 148103.69 2386.84 20 PCS 7405.18 Air
2014-10-28 88033000 BUTTON (KNZ-1K) 2 NOS @ USD 37 RUSSIA Goa Air 5243.07 84.50 0.50 KGS 10486.14 Air
2014-06-3090160010MSU225P-000-DU SARTORIUS CUBIS DISPLAY AND CONTROL UNIT MSUGERMANYGoa Air448977.077427.251.000PCS448977.07Air
2014-06-3085176930150MBPS WIRELESS BROADBAND HOME ROUTERCHINAGoa Air1744499.7528858.563,000.000PCS581.50Air
2014-06-3085176230DWP-157/IN - DWP-157 WIRELESS DATA MODEM USB CARD. (MODEM)CHINAGoa Air13270195.58219523.5015,000.000PCS884.68Air
2014-06-3085176230DWP-157/IN - DWP-157 WIRELESS DATA MODEM USB CARD. (MODEM)CHINAGoa Air4423398.5373174.505,000.000PCS884.68Air
2014-05-1629262000PR9990 CASAMID 710 OILEDUNITED KINGDOMGoa Air185567.603087.65100KGS1855.68Air
2014-05-1684818090S0001483 BUTTERFLY VALVE K 582GERMANYGoa Air17948.64298.657.000NOS2564.09Air
2014-05-16841239002707042 ACTUATOR PNEUMATIC Z 690I2.0GERMANYGoa Air65462.741089.237.000NOS9351.82Air
2014-05-1684818090S0001485 BUTTERFLY VALVE K 582GERMANYGoa Air27007.76449.389.000NOS3000.86Air
2014-05-16841239002707043 ACTUATOR PNEAUMATIC Z 690I2.0GERMANYGoa Air84166.381400.449.000NOS9351.82Air
2014-04-0748211090QR DOCUMENTS(QR - TICKETS 200 EBTS)QATARGoa Air739.5212.231.000CTN739.52Air
2014-04-0785444299NCB-5EUBLUR1-1 - CAT5e UTP 24AWG PATCH CORD. (CABLE)CHINAGoa Air83082.271374.403,000PCS27.69Air
2014-04-0785444299NCB-5EUBLUR1-2 - CAT5e UTP 24AWG PATCH CORD. (CABLE)CHINAGoa Air209202.653460.765,000PCS41.84Air
2014-04-0785444299NCB-C6UGRNR1-1 - Cat.6 UTP 24AWG PATCH CORD. (CABLE)CHINAGoa Air71854.931188.672,000PCS35.93Air
2014-04-0788039000UNFOLDED BLADE FIXED MOORING FITTINGS (SPARES FOR AIRCRAFT)RUSSIAGoa Air6767940.17111959.318.000PCS845992.52Air
2014-04-0788039000DECK MOORING FITTINGS (SPARES FOR AIRCRAFT)RUSSIAGoa Air7669212.04126868.694.000PCS1917303.01Air
2014-04-0788039000NOSE SHOCK STRUT SWITCH (SPARES FOR AIRCRAFT)RUSSIAGoa Air1481924.5924514.886.000PCS246987.43Air
2014-04-0788039000NOSE SHOCK STRUT SWITCH (SPARES FOR AIRCRAFT)RUSSIAGoa Air1515157.7825064.646.000PCS252526.30Air
2014-04-0788039000SYSTEM CHARGING SET (SPARES FOR AIRCRAFT)RUSSIAGoa Air3693986.5261108.132.000PCS1846993.26Air
2014-02-2840169990EXPANSION JOINT COVER JD-83 (BLACK)FRANCEGoa Air616928.429800.29156.00NOS3954.67Air
2014-02-2840169390OR O-RING SET,INCL.LUBRICANT STD 2-POS AIR ACTUATORSWITZERLANDGoa Air8444.78134.1510.000PCS844.48Air
2014-02-2839174000PLASTIC FITTING- 20MM uPVC ELBOW 90SAUDI ARABIAGoa Air179.382.854.000PCS44.85Air
2014-02-2839174000PLASTIC FITTING- 50MM FLAT GASKETSAUDI ARABIAGoa Air749.0311.9024.000PCS31.21Air
2014-02-2885258090VCS-ZGM-COLOR VIDEO SYSTEMUNITED STATESGoa Air124335.251975.141.000PCS124335.25Air
2014-02-2890319000S-926PLM-HIGH RESOLUTION MICROPOSITIONERUNITED STATESGoa Air136870.412174.272.000PCS68435.21Air
2014-02-2888039000BEARING  82403712 (SPARES FOR AIRCRAFT)UNITED KINGDOMGoa Air288993.504590.8410.000PCS28899.35Air
2014-02-2888039000WHEEL HUB, AH52696 (SPARES FOR AIRCRAFT)UNITED KINGDOMGoa Air1330164.0421130.492.000PCS665082.02Air
2014-02-2839174000PLASTIC FITTING- 75MM FLAT GASKETSAUDI ARABIAGoa Air322.125.125.000PCS64.42Air
2014-02-2839174000PLASTIC FITTING- 90MM uPVC FLANGE ADAPTORSAUDI ARABIAGoa Air13687.72217.4442.000PCS325.90Air
2014-02-2839174000PLASTIC FITTING- 25MM uPVC ELBOW 90SAUDI ARABIAGoa Air1716.6727.2738.000PCS45.18Air
2014-02-2839174000PLASTIC FITTING- 50MM uPVC ELBOW 90SAUDI ARABIAGoa Air1723.1027.3714.000PCS123.08Air
2014-02-2839174000PLASTIC FITTING- 50MM uPVC TEE EQUAL 90SAUDI ARABIAGoa Air147.882.351.000PCS147.88Air
2014-02-2839174000PLASTIC FITTING- 63MM uPVC ELBOW 90SAUDI ARABIAGoa Air5529.3587.8427.000PCS204.79Air
2014-02-2839174000PLASTIC FITTING- 160 MM uPVC SOCKETSAUDI ARABIAGoa Air5368.6185.284.000PCS1342.15Air
2014-02-2839174000PLASTIC FITTING- 20MM uPVC ELBOW 90SAUDI ARABIAGoa Air2176.3834.5738.000PCS57.27Air
2014-02-2839174000PLASTIC FITTING- 20MM uPVC TEE EQUAL 90SAUDI ARABIAGoa Air89.371.422.000PCS44.69Air
2014-02-2885176230DIGISOL 14.4MBPS 3.5G BROADBAND ADAPTERCHINAGoa Air10594180.74168295.1712,000PCS882.85Air
2014-02-2885176230DIGISOL 14.4MBPS 3.5G BROADBAND ADAPTERCHINAGoa Air105941.811682.95120.00PCS882.85Air
2014-02-2890011000CLEAR CURVE XB FIBER ITU-TG657A1UNITED STATESGoa Air288396.614581.36504.00KME572.22Air
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