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Is the data you are buying is Accurate and Genuine?

Have you ever established a relationship with a vendor, only to realize later that you have made a wrong choice?

Information Industry is in a mess, there are hundreds of fly by operators who hold zero respect towards your objectives, integrity of information and its value.

Such operators keep exchanging data among themselves. At times when someone in the chain need to provide data they don’t have, all they do is change the date to produce fresh data. In many situations nobody really knows if the data they have is actual or fabricated.

What should you do when it comes to procuring right and authentic data?

Does the company offer money back guarantee.

Insist on Dashboard reports than raw data

Do an analysis on the website and promoters.

Check the measures company take if there is error in data.

Check for how long the company is in business.

Check the number of clients

Never Judge a vendor just by checking data with your own shipments.

Always do comprehensive analysis before you finalise your data vendor.

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