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Major Export products at Colombo from India

InfodriveIndia Presents detailed analysis of major products exported from India to Colombo port and custom house with detailed break up at major Hs Codes, products and ports. These findings are based on India Export Import database of InfodriveIndia and is based on bills of entry filed at Indian Customs. InfodriveIndia’s India Export Import database is the most up-to-date and authentic information on India’s foreign trade.
(Values in US$ Million)
S.No.Major Export products at Colombo from IndiaJan-Dec-2014% Export ShareJan-Dec-2015% Export ShareYOY Growth%Jan-Oct-2015% Export ShareJan-Oct-2016% Export ShareGrowth%
1light-vessels, fire-floats, dredgers, floating cranes, and other vessels the navigability of which is subsidiary to their main function; floating docks; floating or submersible drilling or production platforms $288.93M8.6521$18.71M0.5115-93.5229$18.71M0.5926$109.00M4.1621482.4506
3motorcycles (including mopeds) and cycles fitted with an auxiliary motor, with or without side-cars;$206.01M6.1690$222.77M6.08908.1373$184.83M5.8525$167.44M6.3935-9.4097
4motor cars and other motor vehicles principally designed for the transport of persons (other than those of heading 8702), including station wagons and racing cars $136.53M4.0884$329.94M9.0182141.6637$305.58M9.6760$104.25M3.9806-65.8849
5medicaments (excluding goods of heading 3002, 3005 or 3006) consisting of mixed or unmixed products for therapeutic or prophylactic uses, put up in measured doses (including those in the form of transdermal administration systems) or in forms or packings $126.53M3.7890$160.35M4.382826.7277$133.79M4.2365$143.61M5.48367.3381
6motor vehicles for the transport of ten or more persons, including the driver$96.90M2.9016$63.97M1.7485-33.9797$55.83M1.7677$18.10M0.6912-67.5744
7woven fabrics of cotton, containing 85% or more by weight of cotton, weighing not more than 200 g/m2 - unbleached :$95.90M2.8718$103.54M2.83007.9620$84.67M2.6809$99.08M3.783317.0279
8motor vehicles for the transport of goods$80.94M2.4238$142.48M3.894476.0284$119.24M3.7757$114.89M4.3868-3.6526
9semi-finished products of iron or non-alloy steel - containing by weight less than 0.20% of carbon :$78.06M2.3374$43.44M1.1874-44.3427$43.44M1.3756$19.73M0.7534-54.5832
10portland cement, aluminous cement, slag cement, supersulphate cement and similar hydraulic cements, whether or not coloured or in the form of clinkers$77.53M2.3215$77.98M2.13140.5865$64.35M2.0377$96.88M3.699150.5404

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