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Romania Export (17)

DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionStd. QuantityStd. UnitStd. Unit Price FOB US$Value US$Country of OriginCountry of Destination
01-07-202029163100BENZOIC ACID, ITS SALTS AND ESTERS1.7Ton1964.313339.33RomaniaCroatia
01-07-202029181300SALTS AND ESTERS OF TARTARIC ACID1Ton2251.692251.69RomaniaCroatia
01-06-202029163100BENZOIC ACID, ITS SALTS AND ESTERS1.68Ton2111.453536.67RomaniaCroatia
01-05-202029163100BENZOIC ACID, ITS SALTS AND ESTERS0.7Ton4852.433396.7RomaniaCroatia
01-04-202029163100BENZOIC ACID, ITS SALTS AND ESTERS1.38Ton1810.192489.01RomaniaCroatia
01-04-202029181300SALTS AND ESTERS OF TARTARIC ACID0Ton0931.87RomaniaCroatia
01-03-202029181300SALTS AND ESTERS OF TARTARIC ACID2Ton2210.994421.98RomaniaCroatia
01-02-202029163100BENZOIC ACID, ITS SALTS AND ESTERS1.68Ton1938.973247.78RomaniaCroatia
01-11-201929181300SALTS AND ESTERS OF TARTARIC ACID3Ton2510.747532.22RomaniaCroatia
01-10-201929181300SALTS AND ESTERS OF TARTARIC ACID0Ton0306.59RomaniaCroatia
01-09-201929181300SALTS AND ESTERS OF TARTARIC ACID0Ton0531.87RomaniaCroatia
01-08-201929163100BENZOIC ACID, ITS SALTS AND ESTERS1Ton1197.781197.78RomaniaCroatia
01-05-201929163100BENZOIC ACID, ITS SALTS AND ESTERS5.5Ton1381.627598.88RomaniaCroatia
01-04-201929181300SALTS AND ESTERS OF TARTARIC ACID1.5Ton2275.653413.48RomaniaCroatia
01-11-201829181300SALTS AND ESTERS OF TARTARIC ACID1Ton2352.272352.27RomaniaCroatia
01-10-201829181300SALTS AND ESTERS OF TARTARIC ACID0.4Ton2468.02987.21RomaniaCroatia
01-09-201829181300SALTS AND ESTERS OF TARTARIC ACID0.45Ton2418.61088.37RomaniaCroatia

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