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Arrival DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionConsigneeNotify Party NameShipperStd. UnitStd. QuantityValue CIF US$Country of OriginPort of OriginPort of Destination
28-04-2018732399, 3926102 CARTONS IN BETTER BINDER PLUM PO 10946742 SKU 22168-C HS CODE 3926100000 WE CER TIFY NO WOOD PACKAGING MATERI ALS USED THIS SHIPMENT 15 LIVE 22173- PLASTIC FRAME EZ MO UNT 8.5INX11IN BLACK 6879 18393-CC 924902000 CERTIFY MATERIALS 13 BUSINESS CARD HOL 10946933 16571-CC MAGAZINE SIZE LITERAT URE HOLDER STAPLER ONE TOUCH NICKEL 10946956 25114-CC 8472909 080 31 DX4 DRY ERASE MARKER 12 PK RETR SLIM ASST STPL 946972 23558-CC 9608200000 OPS CORRECTION TAPE 6PK SIDEW PENCIL POUCH RIN BLK 10947008 24220- 6307909889 100CT SHEET PROTEC TORS STANDARD GRADE 017 10524-CC ARC 1.5IN RING 12PK PINK ER-BTS GREEN 10947032 19059-CC VIEW WINDOW PURPLE LETTER TRAY 10947062 10485-CC 8304000000 LEGAL CHROME 10851-CC JOB TICKET X12 10PK 10947082 159 46-CC MULTI PAGE PROTECT 25PK MOP BUCKET WRINGERS 10947107 21871-CC 392690100 WARNING SIG CAUTION WET FLOOR HANGING FILE JACKET WITH INSERTABLE BLANK LABEL 10947233 36330- JEWEL CASE BOX 10947378 11072- 10MM CLEAR 1038 CALCULATOR HANDHELD 10947414 SPL-150A-CC 8470100040 DESKTOP DIGIT SPL-2 DESCRIPTION: NCH SIMPLY WHITE PO: FUFH97 10942980 SKU: 4814 23729-CC HTS CODE: THAT SHIPMENT. 101 TEAL 62-CC MI 20943-CC COMFORT METAL BLUE 2792 4IN 27923-CC 0946879 20196-CC 4414000000 REDWOOD ACCENT 10946879 20190 3924902000 SHAPE 8.5X11 18387-CC 3926909996 PHOTO 20191-CC 12I WOODEN WALL CLOCK 18394-CC 12.5IN ROUND 18377-CC 14IN 18379-CC 16659-CC SINGLE LEAFLET 25329-CC 1PK DOCUPOCKET UNBREA KABLE 20482- OUTDOOR LITERATURE 23491-CC 3924905650 SUPERIOR IMAGE EDGE SIGN 17203-CC 3-TIER 16652-CC 16656-CC 16651-CC 28 COMPARTMEN 36571-CC 17180-CC 26908688 20222-CC OCKETS 20221-CC POCKETS SMOKE 20220-CC 25110-CC 909080 MAGNET SPH ERE BUBBLE 21594-CC 05110090 HIGH CAPACITY EETS 26615-C 8472909080 CD ENVELOPES 12257-CC 4819503000 DVD COLORS 12256-CC PAPERCLIPS PLATED GOLD JUMBO 3201 8305903010 TRANSLUCENT REEL ADGE OPP BAG 18916-CC 7326908688 SELFSTICK INDEX AGS 35020-CC POWER ASSI STED HOLE PUNCH 45 20268-CC TRIMMER 15141-CC 41100000 ISTED PUNCH-20 14564-QCC ELECTRIC SHEETS 37959-CC NAME BADGE HORIZONTAL OF 50PC 37867-CC GLOBAL EASY BUTTON 23403-CC 03000090 SOT 44425-CC 10946972 22821-CC 320649100 TW CLR 12358-CC MINI 34786-CC HYPE RETRA -L 4PK 13206-CC HI-L YELLOW SPLS RESTICK ROLL-ON GLUE DISP 14992-CC 35061050 NO-DRIP 14993-CC 06105000 ISTER GRIP 07-CC 3206491000 BLISTER WINDER 16836-CC BOTTOM EMPTY ELECTRICAL SHAR PENER 17445- 8472904000 SHARPENER TTERY POWERED 17813-CC SIDEWINDER CARDBOAR 18673 CARDBOARD 18672-QCC 39672-CC INCH SCISSORS NAVY 28588-CC 8213009000 25337-CC POLY ZIPPED JUNIOR 10947017 21303-CC 21304-CC DIVIDER 21301-CC 200CT ECTORS 10525-CC NOT EBOOK LEATHER PRE-ASSEMBLED 20000-CC 4820102060 DIVIDERS 20019-CC NOTEBOOK 5.5X 20014-CC EXPANSION DISCS 20774-CC 267C 20246- 27922-CC 134 13468-CC 18369-CC 2IN 18370-CC BINDER-BTS 19063-CC SLOT ORGANIZER 10852-CC 10856-CC DRAWER STORAGE MESH 6X9X2 25260-CC STEP 25288-CC ORGNZ DWR DEEP BK 25287-CC 25283-CC 25482-CC TABLETOP 21579-CC PREMIUM 21513-CC 3198-CC 11943-CC DOODAD LARGE 11956-CC SILVER 11966-CC 10484-CC 25283-QCC 25260-QCC STACKING 12003-CC 11312-QCC VERTICAL 11309-QCC 11313-QCC OFFICE MANAGE 232 23207 11984-Q 11943-QCC 11942-QCC TELESTA 962-QCC 12003-QCC 5PCS WIRE SKET SET 17474-CC FRONT LOAD 23209-CC TIERED SHELF 11957-CC CORNER SIX SECTI 457-CC UPRIGHT SECTION 20064-C 20065-CC 20053-CC 20051-C 20050-CC 20044-CC 390201SUS-CC 11967-CC ZIG ZAGS 26845-CC 26846-CC 29491-CC 15944-CC TRADING 1593 21872-CC 3923109000 STRIP OUTLET FOOT CORD 17649-CC 8537109170 17651-CC MOUSE WIREL OPTICAL PLUS RECEIVER 26503-CC 8471609050 WIRELESS 26504-CC BUTTONS MIDD 23420-CC DARK NANO 25564-CC KEYBOARD ULTRA COMBO 280 8471602000 TELESCOPING MICRO MONITOR 29008-CC 8473305100 STAPLES ADJUSTABLE CURVE LAPTOP- 51232-CC EVA HARD DRIVE 51438-CC 4202929700 30-CC WALLET SPL-12 DSPLY 12DGT 90X-CC SPL-130 374818 23740-CC WASTE 10948097 22181-CC 7323999080 10948124 10853-CC 10855-CC SHELVING UNIT 48X18 NSF CERTIFIED 10948710 25477-CC 9403200075 SPS 1500TM MULTIFU NCTIONAL CHAIR BACK 10949076 28570- 9401308030 STEEL ABING TONE SUB FLHJ 10932103 273655 ITEM: SPUS-ABTD-CC 9403308000 FLHJ56 10932116 2736557 ACKPACK FLWR29 10933 546 2075277 29693 42021290 PACKAGING. KRA FT MAILER EUCM88 10908748 95195 51620-CC 4819504060 SWPM KRAFT UFK62 10942999 POLYES LANYARD FOUG68 10938311 491452 18917-CC CODE:6307909889 FOUI54 10938328 6X15X2 25259-CC 25293-CC 25278-CC SORTER 25285-CC WALLW ORKS 25282-CC PUNCHED RONZE 21510- SQUARE BRONZE 21502-CC DRAWERS 21514-CC 11958-CC 31409-CC RACK 12703-CC 11307-QCC 11310-QCC 13190-CC BUREAU 11982-CC 23207-CC 57-QCC 11993-QCC 17579-CC 11993-CC 22866-CC TELESTAND 11962-CC SECTIONS 39453-CC FIVE 39459-CC MEMO 20048-CC 20114-CC INCLINED 20113-CC FAUX 45046-CC 4420908000 STACKABLE 45051-CC FUNCTION 27642-CC LDING 51501-CC 9401790 FOLDING 51502-CC 01790050 427467 51574-CC 427469 51576-CC 427572 427573 51981-C 427574 51983-CC 27575 51984-CC 483986 51577-CC 813193 51605-CC 39232100 813198 3923210095 813201 51578-C 813398 51572-CC TPU STRAP 100PK 573105 8914-CC CODE:8308909000 POLYESTER 810387 ARABINER 938350 41792- CODE:7326908588 BULLDOG 662776 36687- 37863- CARAB 41792-CC

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